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Monday, December 17, 2007

American Music Theater

Last night, Tim and I went to the American Music Theater to see the Christmas Show, with my parents and some friends. These people are very talented and put on a very good show. There were some aspects that I didn't care for but overall it was fun. Afterward, we went to Friendly's where the guys at ice cream (unbelievable at 34 degrees outside and the wind blowing like mad!) and we girls ate appetizers and drank hot tea.
When we came home, our girls were watching movies in the living room on mattresses and we joined them and ended up sleeping there as well! That was a great way to end the night!


  1. sounds like that was a fun evening! So cute how you all crashed together~

  2. Sight and Sound's Voices of Christmas is the best of any of theirs I have seen.

    If you get a chance...go see it.

    I love that you guys slept on the floor in the living room with the kids. How awesome...for the kids.



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