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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Home Made Christmas Gifts

I am making several gifts for Christmas. I have really enjoyed doing it. My only problem has been getting time to sit down and finish! Since this weekend, I am now in full swing getting things finished.

I have enjoyed thinking of what would be special to others and to make something that is a heartfelt gift.

Of course some of the gifts will either get there at the last minute or will be late. But hey, that just makes Christmas last longer right???? :)

Next year, I may start in the Spring!


  1. i still have 3 scarves to finish - thankfully it's just the fringe and the recipients are local. whew!

    take time to rest today, Mrs. Rabe. ok? :o)

  2. The recipients will love that you put time and energy into their gifts! They would not want you stressing over them...relax and enjoy the process...says me!

  3. I thought the same thing!! This week I will get them all finished and now I am under the weather. Cold is better, back isn't...

    Trying to finish one thing before we send a package off!!


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