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Saturday, December 1, 2007

What a Night!

What a wonderful event we had! We ended up with 91 ladies who signed up to come and 89 were actually there!

We had tea together, a favorite being my Christmas tea recipe. The scones, cream and lemon curd were a hit, as were all the lovely goodies; shortbread, russian tea cakes, pumpkin bars, mini cream puffs.

A wonderful singer from our church sang "Breathe of Heaven" and lead some christmas hymns.

Then, the reason we rushed around so much this last week - Women's Ministries "Favorite Things" - a take off of Oprah's favorite things, of course.

No having the budget Oprah does, nor the resourses to get all those things donated, we gave many small things to everyone; tea bags and honeysticks, floating candles, a christmas book (found at for .99 cents a piece), angel ornaments, chocolate, and great snack cracker mix...

Then everyone received a bigger item for a give away. Advent calendars, wonderful candles from my friend Becky's business "Good Neighbors Candle Company" (check out her blog "Hospitality Lane" - the link is on my list to your right), music cd's, nativity bracelets...

We had stickers to match items and with 9 ladies at the round tables and 10 at the longs, we made sure that each lady had a sticker under her saucer, that corresponded to a gift. Each lady took home a special gift, as well as the items that "everyone" got...

THEY LOVED IT! The response was amazing!

The big problem I see is trying to top it next year!

We were hoping for perhaps 60 ladies this year, and got 89 actual attenders. So, next year we are going to have a separate committee for this event, and start picking up items right after Christmas when everything is on clearance!

I will post pictures soon. I had to use my mom's camera because my batteries were dead! I think it is time to get new rechargables....

We ended our program with a lovely reading, and a chorus of

"O come, let us Adore Him,
O come, let us Adore Him,
O come, let us Adore Him,
Christ, the Lord!"

We wanted to end the night with the focus on the Reason for the Season!

I think the Lord was honored and glorified last night!


  1. I am sure the Lord was pleased with the evening. I know that your desire was to minister and for outreach. This surely pleases HIM.

    I love and appreciate your heart for other women and their spiritual growth.

    You are amazing to have posted already.


  2. Goodness no wonder you were busy!

    Between you and Becky I need a weekend getaway!!

    And the turn out!! All but two show up that is a blessing to you!! That is a great turn out!!!

    As for topping next year!! They loved it this year, do the same!! I do have an idea for you that our women are doing this year. I was asked but declined as my back doesn't cooperate!!

    Have a hostess for each table. Ask them to set, decorate, the table with their Christmas plates, etc. Then you can focus on the extra's and entertainment! That gets the women involved and each table is individualized!! Just a thought!

  3. So glad the tea went so well! It sounded wonderful.
    Looking forward to the pictures.

  4. We did have hostesses for each table who brought their own dishes is just that we had so many women we had to add extra tables and I ended up bring soooo much of my stuff, so we would have enough.

    We will likely do the same thing next year - but will start on it right after Christmas when all the great Christmas things go on clearance!!!!!


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