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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ideas Galore!

We are still in clean up mode from our big storm. You can go to Emily's blog to see photos of the storm and damage!

Meanwhile I have been cleaning and sorting and planning. I had a great brainstorm for my basement. We have a great spot for a home office down there and I have a photo of a corner office space that includes desk space for a computer and also lots of file cabinets and shelves. It will be perfect for downstairs! I have been trying to find the photo online, I thought it was in Better Homes & Gardens magazine but I can't find it online.

I also have always wanted to put more bookshelves down there and make sort of a library feel.

We likely will go with a lighter version of the yellow in our living room. So it will be bright and cheerful, and hopefully we will use it!

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  1. You have a basement. Out on the left coast we don't have basements. Please know that at this very moment I'm green with envy in my coveting. :o)



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