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Friday, September 18, 2009

Signs of Autumn

Several days ago came a sound that told me indeed the season is changing. Geese. Flying overhead looking for a place to rest for the evening. We have seen them every evening since then.

Another sign is that many of the trees have a hint of changing color on them! This is so exciting to me every year! The kids laugh as every year I say "Look at that tree!" or "That is gorgeous!" They love it too!

In our county a there are local fairs - especially agricultural fairs. You know that the last few years the girls have done different events in the youth rodeo on our horse Sandy. This year they will be doing that as well. But they are also entering their photography. One fair was this week, and Emily won a second place ribbon for this photograph of hers.

Sorry it is so small - I can't get it to enlarge! It was shot on sepia tone. With her little point and shoot. Just think of the great shots she will be able to get when she gets a new camera! We are very happy for her and proud!

The weather this weekend is going to be lovely. The menfolk are going to work on the barn tomorrow. They will be joined by Becky's oldest son. It will be a blessing to have his help!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!


  1. Congratulations, Miss Emily...

    I heard the geese this week and said something to the kids. Here we go, headlong into Fall!

    It was nippy this morning around 4am as we said our goodbyes to Mikey and Mom. Just how I like it, nippy but not cold.

  2. I saw geese flying overhead a few days ago and that surely is a sign of fall! The photo is just stunning! I can see why she would win a ribbon! Congratulations to her!


  3. I to am seeing the Autumnal favorite time of the year..and I too rejoice over one beautiful tree....

  4. Yay! Congratulations to Emily!

    I used to love seeing the geese flying over head! Today was our first rainy day in a couple of weeks! But now that summer is nearly over it's going to be raining a lot more. So i'm not looking forward to fall like i usually am. The summers are just so beautiful here. I"m not ready to let it go yet!


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