Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Bit of Baking

Sometimes, we get in the mood to bake.  Sometimes several of us want to do it at the same time.

What do we do?  We DO it!

We take turns with the Kitchen Aid and the oven.

I wanted to try Cheryl's recipe for shortbread cookies.  Vee tried them and liked them.  I've not had good success with shortbread.  These turned out well.

I hope they freeze well, because after tasting one, they went into the freezer for Sunday.  They will go very well with a bit o' tea in the afternoon.

I also have been hungry for chocolate chip cookies.  I almost didn't make them as I didn't have brown sugar and I am out of walnuts as well!  I love walnuts in chocolate chip cookies!

I decided to do it anyway and just used white sugar in the amount for the white and brown sugar required in the Toll House recipe.

They turned out very well!  Rachel says they taste a little different - more sugar cookie like, but I think they have great texture and taste like a chocolate chip cookie!

Lindsay is gluten free these days and is trying out tons of recipes.  Tonight she wanted chocolate cake so she tried a flour less recipe!

It was so good!  She made our chocolate frosting recipe and thinned it out but I think this cake would be better with just real whipped cream and some strawberry slices or a raspberry or two!

I am not sure why she sprinkled fall leaf sprinkles...but this flour less cake is wonderful!

I don't have the recipe she used but will get it and post it!

So, do you bake at home?  What kinds of things do you like to bake?  Are you a from scratch baker or a boxed mixed kind of baker?


  1. Your cookies look delicious! I'm a scratch baker who doesn't use white sugar. I try to cook a variety of things, and recently, I started grinding my own flour. As always, it's such a joy to stop by your blog!

  2. They all look yummy!
    I'll have to talk to Lindsay about her decision to go gluten free. I'm going to make some changes here and wonder if that might be a help.
    Gluten or dairy...that is the question for me.

  3. I am not a made from scratch baker but my Sisters are:) I am more of a mix kinda gal! Have a blessed day and thanks for making me hungry this morning! HUGS!

  4. I am glad that you liked the cookies. I have been making these cookies for 30 years! (Oh my, that makes me feel old!) They are so easy and so good and so versatile...sprinkles at Christmas, iced, shaped, plain.

    Nice to know that the Toll House are yummy with all white sugar if that's what you have on hand.

    I'll bet your house smelled wonderful yesterday! Mmmmmm....

  5. I know what you mean about shortbread. I finally tried a new recipe at Christmas and it worked out nicely but it was especially for the shortbread I made in a mold. I've had shortbread cookies crumble.

    I wonder if there is a slight difference between shortbread for a mold and one that is rolled out?

    I left some butter out overnight to come to room temp (you know it is cold when you have to leave it out overnight to soften!). Just in case I feel up to do some baking today.

    I still haven't tried the Pioneer Woman's pineapple upside down cake recipe and there is a scrumptious looking scone recipe in Homemade.

    It is very cold outside with a possible snow-ice storm coming in tonight. Perfect day to stay inside and bake.

  6. Those shortbread cookies look so good, I want to do it all over again. I'm both...from scratch, from box...whichever is easiest at the time. The shortbread cookies were certainly simple to make from scratch. I saw a flourless chocolate cake at Mille Fiori Favoriti recently and pinned it. It looked so good!

  7. I don't do much baking because our waistlines just don't need it and there is just two of us. Although I did make a bread pudding out of my Weight Watchers cookbook last weekend that was pretty tasty.

    Do you mind sending some of that our way? he he ;)

  8. These look amazing...especially the shortbread (my weakness). I partially blame learning to make homemade shortbread and pie crust (they're very similar in that you need to have very cold dough and at least a 400% oven to create that light and flaky texture) for the loss of my once tiny waist! Of course, my lack of willpower along with devouring a batch daily...with pots of tea...didn't have a thing o do with it ;))).
    Such a cozy post!
    Tracey xox

  9. Yum. That is all I have to say! Yum!

    Oh, and yes please do share that recipe for the gluten free cake!

  10. I bake quite often! I'd rather bake than cook any day. :-) I'm also almost exclusively a from-scratch baker. I do make an exception for brownies, though. We think from-a-box brownies taste almost the same as from-scratch brownies so if we get the urge for something sweet after dinner, I'll mix up a batch of brownies to serve right before the kids go to bed.

  11. Check out the cookie recipe I left on Autumn's FB wall. It's gluten free and delicious!

  12. Those all look great! I love flourless chocolate cake! Another gluten free recipe that i've had was brownies made with black beans, it sounds so strange but it was so good and tasted like moist "real" brownies.


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