Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I've Been Trying To Rest, Really I Have!

Why, oh why, is it so hard?

My cold lingers on and is wiping me out.  I have been trying since Monday to just spend a day in bed, RESTING.  

I know that it is because I am wife and Momma to my precious family.  They need me and want me.  I am glad of that and thankful!

When Momma has a cold, she is still needed for help with math, to listen to a young reader, to encourage another dear child.

I am thankful to be called upon to walk these paths with my children.  I am thankful for His care, knowing just what we need.

Now I am off to sneak in a nap, before I must go out to a dinner tonight.


  1. I'm sorry you are having a rough week...already. Hope you are able to nap.

  2. Prayers for rest and continual health.

  3. It is never an easy task being sick and still being mumma. I pray that you will heal quickly and that the lord will be with your children and helping to teach and be with them while you get some rest. blessings

  4. When Hubby gets sick, he can go to bed for a week.

    Even without kids here at home, I still have too much to do. The only time I can stay in bed and get well is with the flu and then because one CANNOT get out of bed. ;)

    I was telling Stephanie on the phone yesterday that I still hadn't gotten around to painting our bedroom even though we've lived for seven years now with a color I dislike.

    She told me it's because I don't have small kids in the house where I need to escape to my bedroom.

    You know, I think she is on to something there!

  5. Rest, sweet lady, rest:) HUGS to you from Georgia!

  6. I understand the feeling well. No matter how much anyone tells you to take the time to rest, you just can't. You're Mom.

    I do pray that you start feeling better very soon.

  7. Oh, I hope the nap did you good. It's hard as mothers to take that time to heal. But so necessary.

  8. Wish that you'd enlist the older gals to help with those chores. I'm sure that they'd do a great job...not that you're not could hold court. ☺ Hope that you got that nap so that you could enjoy dinner out.

  9. Yes, it is hard to be sick when you're a mama! One time when Kati was very small, I hurt my back and had to stay in bed for a couple of days. The older kids were about 12 and 14 and had to take over for those days. They would come up to my bedroom to ask questions, and also to bring young Kati to "visit" me every few hours. We were all glad when I was well enough to return to normal life, but I think that was a growing and learning experience for all of us.

    Hope you start feeling better soon! (Don't overdo it and make yourself worse!)

  10. I hope you are able to get some rest along the way and your cold go away soon. It's no fun trying to fulfill one's duties while sick.


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