Friday, February 15, 2013

Sisters, Sisters

Two separate shopping trips - same shirts.

Rachel spent the night Wednesday with my Mom and did some shopping.  Lindsay, Emma and I did some shopping Wednesday night. Emma has a trip coming up and she and Lindsay also both got their hair cut.

Yesterday, when Rachel came home, we all laughed!  Not only had they bought the same shirt but they paired it with a similar color!

Rachel says "I bought it first!"

Such cute girls.  I love them!


  1. My sister and I do this all the time! It's going to last a lifetime. So cute! I can totally see why they both selected such a cute shirt. Now Emily and Sarah need one, too!

  2. So funny! I am imagining their faces when they realized!

    My sister and I have also sent the same greeting card on several occasions.

    ♫ Sisters, sisters... ♫ ♪

  3. That is too funny! Does that happen often with them?


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