Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Good Servant Does Not Come Cheap

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For those of us who are fans of Period Dramas, we recognize the value of a good servant.  Consider Mrs. Hill, housemaid to Mrs. Bennet of Longbourne.  I'm sure that whatever she was paid, it wouldn't have been enough to compensate for having to deal with Mrs. Bennet's nerves.

We have had very faithful and diligent servants in our cottage.  One of them lost it's life this week and the cost to replace it was impressive.  A-hem.

 Here is the new servants staff photo.

I can only hope that he will serves us as well as his predecessor did.

Hot water is a luxury, one that I am grateful for, and willing to pay for. 

Now, I can only hope that my longest serving servant holds out for a bit longer, until we can afford to pay for a new one!

At least my servants have a reasonable Mistress to deal with, the lucky things.


  1. I love this! you're funny (**

  2. Oh, and may your new servant serve you well in the years to come : )

  3. Cute post! Sorry about the expense.

  4. Funny, funny...I was reading without the benefit of your photos, so of course I only got so far before I chose to open your blog directly! Good stuff; bad you had the expense, but it gave you a great opportunity here with words and photos!

  5. I am sure that you're a reasonable mistress!

    I love this witty post, although I too am sorry that you had to spend big bucks to bring it to us.

    What would we do without our servants? (One of my most valued is my air conditioning! But you knew that, I'm sure.)

  6. I thought I had a dream that *our* water heater went out, but alas, it was yours. Bad dream either way! LOL! This was a cute post.

    I am so encourged that your sweetie is reading those big books in the post above! Way to go!

  7. Such a good way to look at our modern are right...we are sooo very blessed! Thanks for the gentle reminder.


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