Wednesday, February 6, 2013


One of my favorite things is reading.

Outside my window is grey and white, both sky and ground.

I am thinking of the day ahead.  The gift of bunkbeds - double bed on the bottom, twin on top for the girls bedroom and a short road trip and dinner with my daughter.

From the kitchen there is the hum of the refrigerator and tea brewing.

I am wearing my jammies still.

I am reading Death Comes To Pemberley by P.D. James.

I am hearing the chatter of my daughter home from her early morning violin lesson, and my boy playing my iphone.

I am hoping that business for the store, both physical and online, will increase.

Around the room are children just waking and pets sleeping.

I am going to check on the house of a friend who is out of town.

I am creating a Home; a place of welcome and refuge.

I am Thankful for grace, mercy, forgiveness and love.  All gifts from God.

Here is a picture thought .....
  Dreaming of these!

I decided to do this after reading Vee's post this morning.  Feel free to do it too.  If you decide to do it, let me know in the comments.

I am playing around with the look of my blog - slowly....if you want to read the blogs in my blog list click on the link under pages.




  1. I am loving reading these. Yours is beautiful as well. A great prompt to think about.

  2. I just saw hydrangeas at the grocery store yesterday! Pink ones decorated in a Valentine pot! I think I want one! I have blue ones but not pink! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. I mentioned the shoppe a couple of times in today's post. I pray that business increases and blesses you too.

    Have a wonderful time on your journey today.

  4. This is a lovely post. Great prompt. I read Vee's earlier.

  5. Yes, yes, yes...may the business pick up and may all businesses, especially the hundreds of small businesses, do likewise. I'm truly worried for many of the in-between ones who will close because of insurance costs.

  6. I read Death Comes to Pemberley last year. It took me a few days to get into it, but overall it was pretty good.

  7. I read Death Comes to Pemberley last year. It took me a few days to get into it, but overall it was pretty good.

  8. I'm going to do this on my blog sometime tomorrow! Thanks for a great idea! I hope your trip goes well and your shop prospers abundantly!!

  9. I really do like this meme! It's a window into your see how each person completes the thoughts.

    Sounds like a delightful day...

  10. I enjoy this "format" - brings such variety into a post and (as Cheryl says) IS a "window" into one's life & home...I may have to try it one of these days.

    I read your concern about your business and took a minute to pray for wisdom and encouragement for you and your family.

    That bed? We found one for our backyard cabin. It allows for more flexibility in accommodating our overnight guests. Oh...and the bottom bed folds up into a couch-like seat.

  11. Oooo - how do you like "death at Pemberly" - it's on my list of things to do this year. I skimmed through it at the store. Have so many other books in the cue before it, though!


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