Tuesday, February 12, 2013


or Conv-henge.  Lindsay gathered up all of our Converse shoes and those few we have that are Converse like and built something she had been thinking about for a while.

The cute red ones on the right with the stars?  Those are mine!
The aqua ones with the stars and lime green laces?  Rachel's.  No surprise there.  Almost all the rest are Lindsay's though the black high tops with the plaid striping down the back are Emma's.  She got at custom made pair for her birthday about 4 years ago
Lindsay is, of course the photographer of this awesome shoe session.
She did have a wee wild assistant though! 


  1. Adorable helper! Lindsay could go into advertising this is so clever!

  2. What fun! Lindsay had a great idea and went with it. Cute helper, too.

  3. Oh how funny! I especially like the last pic. ;)

  4. This is so cute! i never knew they came in so many fun colors.

  5. So your kids are brilliant and cute! :D

  6. This is fabulous! We too have many converse lovers in the house and the creative use of them here is outstanding. Tell the girls I applaud them!!

    Blessings, Debbie


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