Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Boy, An Imagination, And A Sonic Screwdriver

Being the youngest of six gives you an advantage (or disadvantage) over other kids your age.  Because you get to hang out with the older kids, you often get to watch TV shows that they watch now but never would have been allowed to watch when they were the age of said youngest.

One of these shows is Dr. Who.  Kyle especially likes David Tennant's Doctor.

So when we needed a new servant, unexpectantly, last week, Kyle was the beneficiary of a large appliance box.  

Just what does a 7 year old do with such a box?  Why he makes it into the Tardis, naturally.

See you can tell it's the Tardis because it says Police Box on the top.

Watch out if you open the door without knocking!!!  He is using his (Lindsay's) Sonic Screw driver on you!  Whew, good thing he only was scanning you.  You could have been vaporized.  Though the cool thing about this Doctor is he tries to work things out in an agreeable way.

He's a good looking fella, isn't he?

Melts my heart every time!


  1. Imagination at work...yes, so cute. BTW, the boys and I watched Tintin. I was simply shocked! :D The grands loved it even though they've watched it several times before.

  2. Oh my, that last pic is just too, too CUTE!

  3. He's a cutie and I love to see kids use their imaginations!

  4. He sure is a good-looking fella! How fun is that? Little ones LOVE to play with an empty box:) Have a blessed week dear friend! HUGS!

  5. There is hardly anything better than a box to entertain kiddos...and the bigger the better too!

    Your little guy is a handsome doctor indeed!

  6. what a totally adorable Dr..Who?
    I love it when my children do this kind of thing, lets face it nothing beats a good box when you are a kid.
    blessings to you.


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