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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Let's Chat

I really want to drop the excess weight I've been carrying for too many years, and have decided that watching my calorie intake and exercise are the keys for me.  I also am cutting back on my sugar intake.  I am not cutting out all carbs but seriously I eat to many sugary treats and Coke.  I've given up cola before but I am really going to say goodbye this time.

Anyway, I've been riding our recumbent bike consistently and I cut back to almost nothing in the soda department in the last several days.

But I must confess, as all of my Facebook readers will know- I made The Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls last night! These are so good!  Fortunately for me there are a lot of people around here who will demolish these babies before I get home from my day in the shoppe!

Speaking of the shoppe....Spring puts me in the mood to brighten up my wardrobe. What do you do to change your wardrobe from Winter to Spring?

My girls have been going through their things and purging items that don't fit or that they don't want anymore.  I've done that with Kyle's clothes too, and I need to do this with my own clothes and I am going to go through my homeschool items.  I have 18 years of homeschool books, and other materials that I no longer use.  I am going to keep some things, so my kids can use them when they homeschool their children, but I will be getting rid of other things.  If you are interested in what I might have, let me know and I can send you a list once I get to this project.

My homeschool needs for next year are simple.  A new math book for Sarah (Rachel is working on a multi-year pre-algebra and I have Kyle's already), Italic writing book for Kyle, a science book for Rachel...I have everything else we need.

There may be some big changes coming here at the cottage. I'll let you in on that when it is settled.

Lindsay and I need to get our spinach and lettuce in the ground, and pot some tomatoes, and a few other things indoors.  Rachel and Sarah are going to grow herbs to sell this year.  It will be a learning experience for them and hopefully bring in some spending money of their own.

Well, it's time to ride the bike, so I'll talk to you soon!


  1. I'm about to put leashes on the dogs and take them for a walk. Hopefully Chloe and I can lose some weight together.

    Have a super day in the shoppe!

  2. I can identify with the weight "thing"! I lost 45 pounds by eating during a 5 hour "window" each day. It was a fairly easy way for me. I have gained back about 5 pounds (still eating with the 5 hour window but adding a few more treats, etc.) So I, too, am cutting back on some sweets - which are my "downfall")!

    The rolls look DELICIOUS...and it sounds like you are busy with all the sorting, planting, and general family activities. Spring makes a person energetic, doesn't it?

  3. Kudos to you for your efforts in food and exercise department! Oh, I hope it's contagious...I definitely need some inspiration. That said, those cinnamon rolls are making me drool. Seriously.

    One of the benefits of homeschooling for many years...needing to purchase very little for the next school year. I'm right there with you. I had to make a math purchase mid-year, as Bekah finished her math book much more quickly than I had anticipated. I am not sure that I'll need anything for the upcoming year, although I haven't tweaked next year's plan yet, so we'll see.

    Have a great day in the shoppe! And may the cinnamon rolls be history by the time you get back. (I think...)

  4. You have the best attitude and outlook! I'm sure the weight loss will be no problem and I will keep you in prayer for continued success.
    Spring around here means a good thorough scrubbing and cleaning ALL closets. I've reorganized quite a bit and I would venture to say, I'm 75% there. The hubby is going to purchase a tackle box for me for the essential oils.

    I know my kiddo is still too young, but do you have any books for elementary years?

    Take care!

  5. You TOO???

    Seriously, I am positive that God is giving me a good swift kick in the backside this morning. I have really been out of control with the eating in the past several weeks. It all started when I finished the kitchen and sat down. Apparently, I was hungry and so started eating. I have not stopped, or so it seems.

    I feel miserable.

    This morning, just about every single blog I have opened has been on this topic.

    I am listening.
    Get up. Get moving. Put down the fork and no one gets hurt...

  6. Ugh! for me I'm recognizing how much my sweets (my sweet tooth- my sever love of all things sweets) has got to GO! They may taste good- but, I feel slughish soon afterwards- not good.

    We are a homeschooling family and a veggie gardening family too. I don't usually write to much about that on my blog though. But we love both of those things.

    God bless, Deanna

  7. All the best with the life changes. We've been working at it slowly and by degrees. Keep slipping back, though. I do wish that I could find your friend's most excellent post on this topic. It meant so much when I read it the first time and I need to refresh. Oh those cinnamon rolls look delicious...if I made them, I'd have to call them sinna-mon because there's no one but John and me to eat them. Ha!

  8. I wish I could ride the bike right along with you! I need it too! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

  9. Good for you! Cutting the sugary soda will do so much for you. I did it gradually but now I only have one can of diet caffeine free coke maybe once or twice a week. All the other times I drink water or coconut water. You will feel so much better so stick to it!

    The cinnamon rolls look delicous! I love baking. But I realized if I have it in the house I will eat it. It's great that you had other people around to help you with that pan!


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