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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


My friend Kati at Kati's Little Corner of the World is hosting a link up showcasing our collections.

Well, I am up for it if you can take seeing my tea things again.

 For those who may not know of my obsession with tea things be assured that I use them regularly, for tea parties, gatherings at my home, Sunday afternoons when my little friends and I must drink tea together....

You can read about our Christmas Tea here, an OLD post about tea here, and a sweet gift from a friend here.

Thanks Kati for hosting and letting me share my obsession, er, my collection of tea things! 


Melissa G said...

I don't remember seeing that light blue tea cup, the one in the second photo, before. I love it! Every one of your tea cups is beautiful and I love that you use them so regularly.

Cheryl said...

Oh, you have such a gorgeous collection! Do you ever have a hard time choosing which to drink from? I know I would.

I love the second one...such a pretty color...and elegant. But the strawberry tea cup is calling my name too! Oh, and the blue and white ones that are hanging!

I would definitely have a hard time choosing...I'd be sure to drink a lot of tea!

Kati said...

You have such lovely tea things! I especially liked that blue and white teacup and the one with the berries on it.

Thank you so much for linking up! :)

Vee said...

Kati is? Oh I should keep up with gals better...I might have shown my collection of something...junk perhaps?

You do have an impressive collection of tea cups. That you share them with us and your many friends there is wonderful. I really enjoyed following your links and being reminded of your recent additions and that beautiful Christmas tea. Do you have a Mother's Day tea?

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Beautiful! I love tea things, too. :)

My Cottage Charm said...

LOVE your collection! :) (makes me want a cup of tea and a biscotti!)
Thanks for your comment, and I have actually thought of getting some corbels or something for under that shelf...just haven't found any I can afford yet..they are crazy expensive! Also, there's a bulkhead on the right, and I haven't figure out how to put them up there symmetrically...I can't stand things if they are symmetrical! still working on that! :)
Have a great week...and a cup of tea!


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