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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We Are Living In A World Turned Upside Down

Tell me I'm not the only one who has noticed this....

It has taken a few weeks but people are finally starting to notice this big trial that has been taking place in Philadelphia, involving an abortion provider.  You can read about it here if you have a strong stomach.

Also recently a prominent politician spoke about gun control and how we need to protect our children.  Then he spoke at a PP event praising them for their work, and even saying at the end "God Bless You."

Today I have read about this story.   And then this one.

My heart breaks.  It really does.

I love this article written a few years ago - Motherhood is a Calling.

I think more women used to understand that they were doing important work when they raised children.  Now I think parents feel like their children are in charge, and they don't like it but don't know what to do about it, and end up resenting children.

The last census taken in 2010 showed that only 20% of American Households have children in them.  20%.  When I read that statistic last year I was shocked.  We live in an area that is full of plain families, who have on average 6-8 children.  We go to a church where a family of 3 or 4 is small.  So to read that stat was a a wake-up call.

I started to take notice of things, seemingly random things but that all pointed to this statistic being true. 

Let's take Micky D's for example.  When I was a kid, and even when my oldest kids were young, this restaurant promoted itself as a place for kids and families.  H*ppy Me*ls were the thing!

Now they have all been changed to look like a cool cafe/coffee house.  In our area most of the play places have gone bye bye.  This is because demographics show that most house holds in America no longer have children in them.

Is it any wonder?  Sadly parents forgot that they were not the kids, and that they needed to teach their kids how to obey and to get along with others.  Kids began to be tyrants.  My son used to be a waiter at a local chain of trendy sandwich shops in a big tourist area.  There was a Thomas the Tank Engine event in this area several times a year.  The staff of the restaurant all hated it because instead of getting big tips, the families came in with the parents whipped and zoned out while their kids stood on chairs and threw chicken nuggets around the restaurant.  Also they had spent so much money to give their kids a ride on Thomas and to buy toys, that they didn't leave much of a tip for the staff person who had to clean their little precious darlings chicken nuggets up off the floor.

I kid you not.

Our son always said how the staff said it was like birth control because after these weeks no one ever wanted to have their own kids.  I would say "I hope you told them that it doesn't have to be that way.  You guys never did anything like that!"  (I have a tendency to get worked up.)  

These issues have not happened overnight.  They've been coming on for more than a century.  The solutions are relatively simple but not what people want.

I have determined that I will still speak the truth that children are a gift and a blessing from the Lord.  I will encourage families and mother's that they are doing the hardest and best work.

I'll pass along what I've learned over the past quarter century to those sweet mothers who are desperately looking for some one, other than the culture, to encourage them in this high calling of raising children to be adults who think and act like adults.

I'll also share with them the vision of families who see the worth of children who are deemed unwanted.  Who rejoice to welcome more children into their home, both by birth and by adoption.

I choose to be an encourager, a voice of experience and hopefully one full of the message of grace.

Heaven knows we need it.


  1. Amen.

    Gary & I also heard that a Barna poll showed that only 7%-9% of Americans are what we would call Bible believers in the sense of believing Jesus was the sinless Son of God & Scripture is God-inspired, etc.

    Sometimes we need a wake-up call (and accurate statistics - wherever THOSE might be found), don't we?

    We ARE strangers and pilgrims here. God bless you in YOUR mission. It is an uphill battle.

  2. Oh, you are preaching to the choir here, for I soooo agree with what you are saying. It is so, so sad to see how children are despised, the structure of the home is topsy-turvy...and yet, we should not be surprised, because it is all an indication of a world that has rejected God and His plan and His way of doing things. Our thoughts are not His thoughts, our ways are not His ways...

    I hear your heart!

  3. It's a very sad situation, Mrs. Rabe. When parents leave Biblical standards on raising children out, it is no surprise when children become a terror to the country. And, isn't it rather sadly ironic how gun control is being promoted to "protect" children and yet, children by the millions are being heinously murdered in the womb. It is an American holocaust! May the Lord have mercy on us.

  4. I had not put 2+2 together until reading this post. Class size is now down to between 12 and 15 in our public school. That means that by former standards we could let nearly half the teaching staff go. Hmmmm...interesting. We still have one kid-friendly Mick€y Ds left. You'll laugh at what my grandmother had to say on walking into one of the Cafes..."How in the world do they expect me to climb up on one of those?!" We truly have not patronized any of the new ones.

    There is so much going on in this many many sorrows. I know nothing short of a Revival is going to change any of it.

  5. I know when Stephanie was expecting her fifth child, she received all kinds of comments and stares.

    Except for places like in her church, most people in her state have only one or two kids if they have kids at all.

    I keep telling my husband that the world now is what was predicted in the Word before the return of Jesus. But that doesn't always make it easier. :(

  6. Thank-you Mrs. Rabe for speaking the truth. Children are a heritage from the Lord. There can be no other profession that begins to compare with Mothering.This land needs revival.We are reaping what we have sown.Thanks again,I love your blog.So simple,Dawn E. Brown


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