Sunday, August 25, 2013

Prayer For Tim's Mother - Update!

Photo credit - Melissa Gill

***Jean's speech is back!***

This joyful woman is my mother in law.  She is nearly 92 years old.

She has had quite a full life of service for the Lord, both at home and in West Africa, where she raised her family and buried two sons.

Sometime Friday night she had either a heart attack that lead to a stroke or vice versa.  Her husband, who is 90, was at home with her, but she has been the stronger, healthier partner, and he didn't think about calling 911 and he couldn't get her up off the floor, either, so she laid all night on the floor by her bed.  In the morning he didn't know Tim's sisters phone number so he called a man from church, who called 911 and Esther.  They ran more tests late Saturday and we will have the results of those tests tomorrow.  For now she is stable, in intermediate icu, on a heart monitor and heparin.  

In the days to come some difficult decisions will have to be made regarding their living situation.  Her husband's daughter is on her way to be with her dad at their house, so he is taken care of while Tim's mom is in the hospital.

She has good motion in all her limbs, but is terrible weak.  Her speech is the most affected.  She can say certain things but not other things - it is garbled.  They doctor feels she will regain her speech!

She will need rehab when they release her from the hospital, for speech and physical therapy.  

Please pray with us for wisdom for the doctors, and for all of us who will need to help them through this time.  Also Tim's brother Dan is a missionary in West Africa, and is currently having meetings in another country than the one he lives in.  Please pray that his wife will be able to contact him.

Thanks so much friends!  It means so much to be able to share this request and know that you'll take it seriously and bring it before the Lord!  She is resting in Him and that gives us great comfort!


  1. I'm sorry. Will be praying for this wonderful saint and her husband.

  2. I have prayed - for her, for you, for ALL of you.

    Curious. Where in West Africa? (Our daughter spent a year in Burkina Faso and I have visited there twice...)

  3. Oh, how sad that her husband wasn't aware enough to get her help right away. Bless her heart. I'd like to think that she and God had themselves a wonderful time of fellowship during those hours where He held her close and assured her of His love.

  4. This is a hard time. Will pray for you all.

  5. Oh my, I'm sure this has been such a trial for all of you, your poor poor mother in law. Many prayers of support, blessing and wisdom in this time from our family to yours.

  6. I will sure add her and ALL of you to my prayer list:) LOVE and prayers coming your way! HUGS!

  7. So sorry to hear this, I will be praying !


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