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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Home Keeping: Painted Desk {Work in Progress}

As you can see, my room is not painted yet, but I am continuing my goal of learning to paint furniture well.  I am in love with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, and want to learn to use it to improve some of the furniture in the house.

Kyle's desk is a hand me down, from Sarah, who got it from Nate, and I don't remember whether someone gave this to us or if we bought it at a yard sale.  Anyway, it was thrashed.  I had painted it white at some point but had neglected to do anything with it for years as you can see.  So the other day I was at my friend's store Fresh Vintage by Amy and a sample pot of Annie Sloan's Florence caught my eye.

It's a small desk so I figured I could make the sample pot stretch to do the whole thing, but I was wrong.  I went yesterday and bought a quart.

Here's what it looked like when I got started.

 Kamryn loves to draw, can you tell?  After wiping it down really well, I began painting.

I am in love with this color!

I didn't finish the desk yesterday, because after buying the paint, I came home to mow before a thunderstorm was due.  I then went to get my haircut,  much needed since I hadn't had even a trim since the week before Lindsay's wedding!  Then we went to a friend's cello recital.  He was great by the way! Yay, Max!

Today I have most of the day free.  Just a cello lesson for Rachel in the afternoon.  I am determined to finish the desk today.  Oh, and Emma is in love with this color too, and has asked me to paint a small bookcase from her bedroom, which I am happy to do!

I watched a few YouTube tutorials by Annie Sloan and I really liked her too.  Here is the link to her channel on YouTube, in case your interested.  So inspirational and she has a great accent too!

Have you ever painted with Chalk Paint?  Milk Paint?  Let's chat about it!


  1. That is a great color! The desk is going to look wonderful. You are on a painting roll! :D

    I have not used chalk paint so far. I really like the look of milk paint because it is thin-ish and has a colonial look. But I am certainly open to trying something else. Maybe I'll check out some youtube videos when I have some time. (Which won't be this week as we are working toward finishing our school year!)

  2. A free day is nice:) Love the smell of fresh paint! I have some pieces to paint, you inspire me to get busy! Enjoy your free day, big hugs!

  3. No, but I've located a seller about an hour away. I really like this color and think you were very brave to go with it over a cream or gray or something. It really provides that pop! Thanks for the link!

  4. No I haven't but you are inspiring me!

  5. I love the color and wish I had a place to use something "fun" like that. I think that as soon as I finish getting everything as neutral as I want it, I will be ready to add the fun pops of color.

    I admit to being too cheap to buy AS chalk paint. I make my own, which is why my pieces probably never look as wonderful as they could.

    (And I'm with you in the hair trimming. I usually get mine done every three weeks. (ten bucks... from an old friend.) It has been SIX weeks because she has been busy. I feel like a mop.

  6. Ohhh, i really like that color too!


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