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Friday, May 23, 2014

Home Keeping: Garden Work and House Work

We got four tomato plants in yesterday, two yellow peppers, a basil, parsley, lavender and chamomile.

That is it.  The rest of the veggies we like, we will purchase at local road side stands.  I'm okay with that for this year.

I have no photos because we were in a hurry to beat an oncoming storm.

Then Kyle and I gave his bedroom some attention.

Kyle took the photos of his room.  It was just in need of some de-cluttering, and tidying of his book case.  We also vacuumed.

I have been enjoying Dee Henderson's book "Unspoken."  I really enjoy her writing.  I stayed up until 1:30 am reading last night.  I probably will finish it tonight!

Tomorrow Rachel and I are driving my nieces to Dulles International Airport, so I will be away for the bulk of the day, as it is a three hour drive down and three hours back. ;)  It will be an adventure!  I hope an easy one.  Prayers are appreciated!

Have you read Dee Henderson's books?  


Cheryl said...

I love Kyle's book shelf and all those colorful containers! Are those Legos in the bottom ones? Is he enjoying his new room?

I haven't read anything by Dee Henderson, but I was recently drawn in by The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton. (A couple of things were a little edgy, but the story was riveting!

I'll be praying for safe and happy travels for you all today!

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear about the plants and your planning of veggies for this year. Good work done in his room!

podso said...

I've read some of her books but it's been a few years. this looks new? And have safe travels, like the extra space your son has under his high bed!

Vee said...

Sounds as if tomorrow will be both fun and labor intensive. I have not read this author, but will Google because I am curious.

Lorrie said...

I hope your little trip is fun and successful. I read some of Dee Henderson's books several years ago. Kyle is becoming a great photographer.

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