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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Chat:Random Bits of This and That

Well, how did four days go by without a new post?  I'll tell you how; this is our crazy birthday month, Tim had a day off and we finished school this week and had our evaluations yesterday.  Whew!

Since Tuesday's post I have run errands with Tim to Tractor Supply (he's building a chicken waterer) on his day off, gone with him and my parents to look at modular houses that could possibly be added on as an addition for them here at our house, shopped for a new gas range,  made a birthday dinner and cake for my Mom, had our evaluations for our homeschool year yesterday and then did my big shopping trip for groceries.

I'm tired, but happy.  The kids are doing great with their learning, all above grade level in reading, Sarah is above grade level with writing as well, and Kyle is above grade level with his math.  Mostly I'm pleased because they a lovely people, who care about others, and are fun to be with.

Tim is working a lot of hours this month, as they do yearly maintenance on presses and other units in the building.  Lots of hours.  I like to keep busy during these days and now that we are on our summer break from school, I can focus on doing projects around the house.  

Today I am going to paint my cabinet that Kyle bought me for Mother's Day, and I am eyeing all my other wooden furniture as well!  I told Tim that I am wanting to paint our kitchen cabinets, and he was fine with it, so I may get that project done this summer, too.

I am leaning toward the red cabinets on the bottom and white up top with on set of upper cabinets open.  It's fun to do new things, isn't it?

I also have not painted my bedroom yet, but hope to get to that this next week.  Yay!

The maple tree helicopters are flying here today, and the sun is shining brightly.  It's going to be a great day.

What are you up to?


  1. If I can get the lawn mowed and the bathroom ceiling painted today I'll be happy. I love both of the kitchens you show and the red is such a pretty shade. I've been tempted to do two colors and will be happy if you try it first and I can see how yours turned out and how you like it! Sounds like you had a busy week!


  2. Well that does explain it! I have always liked the duo look. I even have that photo pinned. I was going to try it myself until I was told it would lower the appearance of the height of the ceiling. My ceiling is low enough already. Say, how you gonna do all this paintin' at your place when Cheryl has committed you to mine? LOL!

    Yay for a good report on the homeschooling yesterday. I knew those kiddos were a couple of smart cookies! Smart teacher, too!

  3. Congratulations on a successful school year. I ♥ the emphasis on the character qualities you are producing in your children. What fun to paint kitchen cupboards! I think red and white would be most interesting and look forward to seeing what you end up with!

  4. I can just see your wheels a-spinning as you are making house-y plans! Fun, fun! I love the idea of the upper cabinets white and the lower ones red. Having seen your cottage in person (lucky me!), I think those cheery colors would be the perfect touch.

    So far your summer vacation sounds like it's full of busy-fun! :)

  5. Ha! Just saw Vee's comment! I told her that when you come to paint her cabinets, I'd like to come along and join the party. Maybe we can be itinerant painters this summer, Deanna! :D

  6. Congratulations on your successful school year! Now, I hope you enjoy the break. Painting cabinets is a lot of work, but so satisfying to see the result. I like the look of two colors - one for the top and one for the bottom. We did that in the kitchen we renovated - in the home we are desperate to sell that isn't moving on the market.

  7. "I am tired but happy"love this quote, my sentiments as well, we have been busy with projects too. Good luck with the painting of the cabinets I have wanted to get brave enough to paint mine, the red with the white looks wonderful. I think it is about time I stepped out of my comfort zone and forged ahead, you just might be the one who nudges me Deanna, Smile!
    Once again congratulations on such a successful school year, I might have mentioned it before, but it bears repeating, I have so much respect for those who homeschool their children, The investments will give much in return.


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