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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Home Education: Day 180

I know I've mentioned before that we try to live a lifestyle of learning here at our cottage.  We do use the phrases "time to do school" and "school work" but only out of habit.  We don't want our kids to think, "now it's time to learn, but later I won't have to."  We want to use their natural curiosity and encourage them to be interested in the world around them.  My goal in educating my children is to instill a love of learning in them and the ability to know how to learn.  

Our children are normal kids with natural bents toward certain subjects.  All of them love to read, and the girls spend a lot of time every day with their noses in a book, but only a few of my kids are math lovers.

I am not one to use a box curriculum per grade, and love to do as many subjects together as possible.  Once they hit high school grades they do almost all of their work independently, other than history.  History we still do together.

My goal in educating my children is to instill a love of learning in them and the ability to know how to learn.  

This year we have studied World History during the years that Christopher Columbus and his sons were living.  I use Genevieve Fosters' books on history.  They are a great read and fascinating for anyone.  This time period is fascinating because of all the intermarriage of the European royalty, intrigue over the thrones, military campaigns, etc.

We learned about Mozart, and Van Gogh this year too.  We listened to a variety of music this year, especially The Piano Guys, as well, as Mozart, Two Steps From Hell (not a rock band, they do soundtracks - link here), Electric Light Orchestra (yes ELO).  I laughed when I realized they were listening to ELO, particularly Mr. Blue Sky and thought it was so cool.  Music from my youth!  They also love to listen to Worship music which we play on Pandora or Spotify!  I love that it is the soundtrack of our daily lives!

Rachel plays the cello and is progressing well.  Her instructor is working on an arrangement of Gustav Holst's Jupiter for both cello and violin.  Rachel is hoping Lindsay will learn it and that they can play it together.  The portion they want is the one used for the hymn O God Above All Praising.  Sarah is learning piano and is loving it!  She played When I Survey The Wondrous Cross on Easter Sunday for offertory.  

Today is our last day for this school year.  We start in the beginning of August every year and work through, no snow days, but we do take vacation days, like when we went to Florida in September to do some work on Tim's mother's home.  We also took some days the week before Lindsay's wedding and we took the week off after the wedding.  

We meet with our evaluator this Friday and then take a break until August.  We all look forward to this time, though we read everyday and they work on a bit of math over the summer.  All very relaxed and enjoyable.

I'm glad that I still have children in the home to educate because I love it so.  I have begun some preschool work with Kamryn too.  So fun to see her learning.  Its come full circle since I started with her Daddy, and now am teaching her.  Her favorite thing right now is watercolor painting!

I'm thankful for the time that God has given me with my kids, and  thankful to be building relationships with them and to be able to disciple them.  The ones who've finished their K-12 education have gone on to be hardworking, caring, responsible people.  I'm proud of them.

Vacation starts tomorrow, and for me that means a day to myself, as the kids will be spending the day with my parents.  Kyle gets to spend tonight with them, going to a Barnstormers game, and sleeping in the man cave with Grandpa.  I'm fairly certain there will be some Myth Busters, or Storm Chaser watching as well.  

I am contented and blessed, and very thankful.


  1. I listened to the last song and enjoyed it very much. A round of hearty congrats and many "hip hips" to the crew who have done so very well this year and are gaining what looks to be a well rounded education. Have a blessed vacation, All!

  2. You have described a wonderful year full of life and learning! May your summer break be full of the same...only without the schedule! :)

  3. Congratulations to finishing another year of homeschool! Incorporating learning into life is a great way to encourage lifelong learning.

  4. Love that last line. As it should be. Congratulations on another year of school. Love your full circle with your little granddaughter now at your school table. Enjoy your day to yourself.

  5. I love your teaching and learning philosophy. I agree with it 100%. We're both in agreement with God on that (IMO) too. I love that you are so organized with your life that you get it formally completely during a "term" and have the summer to relax a bit in what has been learned.

    High fives of congratulations to you for a job well done!

  6. Congratulations on a job well done, to both the students and the teacher! I can read through this post of how much you enjoy teaching your family and that makes all the difference in success!
    Enjoy your special day, and the summer!

  7. Congratulations on another year well done. :-)

  8. A lifestyle of learning and the love of learning (with noses in books) sounds like a good year to congratulate. Well done, my friend. You seem such a "natural" at home education. What beautiful sentiments you express, hopefulness and thankfulness. I'm sure, however, that there was diligence and daily habits behind the scenes - now practiced, too, by your older students who do independent work.
    Your books and music sound delightful. My daughter introduced me the the Piano Guys. I loved their "O Come Emmanuel" at Christmastime.
    In the 1970s I attended a concert in NYC with ELO performing in an old opera house. It was impressive. The electric violin was dazzling.


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