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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Gathering The Moments

I'm Gathering the Moments with Cheryl again this month!

This month's Gathering The Moments is one of domestic beauty, the animals at our cottage and a wedding for Pastor Mike and Jenny, and the privilege I had in helping create a beautiful day for them.
These are the memories we want to remember.

Today is also my daughter Rachel's 15th birthday.

I'm sharing photos from the wedding of her, as I don't have a lot of candid shots of her.  She is not one who likes her photo taken, doesn't like to draw attention to herself.

She is a delightful young woman, inside and out.  Committed to the Lord, a lover of children and animals.  She is a girl who is able to see a task that needs to be done and is ready to help get it done.  She is funny, serious, bookish.  She is my daughter and friend.

 She is a delight to me everyday.  She is a gift to me and to our whole family.  I am so thankful for her.


  1. First of all...Happy Birthday to your Rachel!! What a lovely "moment" to gather here on this last day of May! I love all the the beautiful words you use to describe Rachel...what a gift she is!

    Your month in pictures is full of homespun beauty and life and giving of yourself. Lovely.

    Thanks for "gathering" with me again this month!

  2. And she is truly lovely and her color seems to be that shade of blue. A very happy birthday to her! Sweet Domesticity could be the title here. Everything is taking on a beautiful, fresh look with the new paint and the new stove. Hope that the newlyweds...both sets...are doing well!

  3. Good review in pictures of your month! And happy birthday to Rachel!

  4. Working backwards.....Rachel is beautiful.-Obviously inside and out..... Your special "touches" for the wedding were simple & elegant, it appears...the critters all appear to be at peace...and the details of your home are delightful, colorful, and creative :)

  5. Rachel is beautiful, happy birthday to her. So much pretty color in all of your photos, evidences of spring everywhere, enjoyed your gathering moments

  6. Happy Birthday to Rachel, she is a beautiful girl and God has gifted her with many good qualities.
    You have every right to be proud of her, Deanna!
    Home looks good. A bonus for us to see more photos of your family wedding.
    Another marriage celebrated in your pastoral community, the bride looks beautiful.
    I love the blue hydrangeas!

  7. Looks like spring has sprung around your place. Your daughter is beautiful and the blue of that dress is absolutely stunning on her!

  8. Happy Birthday to your Rachel! May is a wonderful month to be celebrating a birthday. It's been wonderful peeking in on everyone's May Days. Visiting from Cheryl's Gathering the Moments party. Thank you for sharing, and I pray there are wonderful June days ahead for you and your family.


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