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Monday, May 5, 2014

Wedding Weekend

This is what has been keeping me busy the last few weeks.

 The bride loves hydrangea blue.   That was the starting point.  

 Our church building is small, but it works for the size of our congregation.  Mike and Jenny wanted a simple wedding on a Sunday afternoon.  They didn't do invitations, basically thinking it would just be our church family and a few friends.  The RSVP list grew to 134 by Wednesday, and then we lost two, gained 6 on Sunday who never RSVP'd and and two didn't show.  So we think there were 135.  

 Can I tell you how I love doing event planning, especially weddings?  My official part was tables and decor.  Becky was in charge of food, and Sonia did desserts.  Becky baked the most delicious cake and frosted it, and Sonia added fresh flowers to it.  We had lots of other kinds of desserts as well.  

I have no photos of the reception because we were hopping keeping the food tables filled!

 I have to tell you a story about the hydrangea.  I had ordered 20 hydrangea through Costco to be picked up on Saturday morning.  I wanted everything to be as fresh as possible.  On Friday afternoon I got a call from the Costco flower lady, saying that the warehouse called her and they had no blue hydrangea's for my order!  She was mortified because she always gets them and she told me it would be no problem.  She didn't know how that happened etc!  So, into panic mode I go, calling garden centers looking for plants to cut, etc.  Tim decides to call our sister in laws cousins who own a florist shop.  They were able to order them and have them delivered the next morning (Saturday) and he charged us cost for them + tax!  And they flowers!!!  Oh my this are single stemmed!  Gorgeous!

 Rachel took this picture of me cutting trimming the stems, they were thick!  See how huge the flower heads are? So thankful for how the Lord worked that out for us!

Tulle and hydrangeas in the sanctuary….

A nod to the brides Chinese heritage.  The Chinese symbols for Happiness and Love.

 A few men praying with Mike before the ceremony.

Their vows to each other were beautiful.  So thankful that God brought them together, and we pray that they may have many years of joy together!


Vee said...

Oh lovely all around...the hydrangeas, the tables, the bride herself. I am sure that the entire church family was very blessed. You did good, Deanna and crew. (Very glad that you had time to do something different for the hydrangeas...they really are gorgeous.)

Carol said...

Beautiful decor! Love those flowers! I saw Becky's cake, awesome! It's so wonderful that the chruch family provided the happy couple a fantastic wedding.


Becky K. said...

What a very special day....May God bless their marriage for years to come. And yes, the hydrangea were stunning. So thankful for how that worked out!

Cheryl said...

Oh, those hydrangeas are beautiful! I love the two tones. You did a wonderful job of all looked lovely and peaceful. I love the photo of you as you're working, diligent and determined. I know you were a real blessing to your pastor and his bride!

What a sweet photo of the bride and groom at the altar.

Lorrie said...

Beautiful - what a gift to be able to help out at such a joyous occasion!

podso said...

That is quite a flower story! Love how God is involved in small details! It all looks pretty!

Theresa said...

Oh what a beautiful day! I know how good it feels to plan something special and do it with love! I know that they appreciated all of your hard work! The flowers were perfect:) Have a blessed day dear friend and I wish a lifetime of love and happiness the the Newlyweds! HUGS!

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