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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Homestead: New Chicks

Lindsay messaged me yesterday to say that she was going to go take a look at the Ameraucana chicks that she was interested in, and would probably get five.

"Great," said I, and I headed out to my friends house for Sarah's piano lesson and an afternoon visit.

Later, I get a text from Lindsay asking how much I love her!  Uh-oh…just how many chicks did she get?

Want to take a guess?

Ten!  Some are nine weeks, some are five weeks, all but one are Ameraucanas.

Disclaimer: These photos were taken by Kyle, age 8, with my iPhone.  Not the greatest shots but they are hanging out inside their  house and it's hard to get good shots of them.

 They are pretty girls, and we may have a rooster too.  Not sure about that yet.  All of the Ameraucana's have interesting markings and different coloring.

The non Ameraucana is a Brahma and I am not sure if she is in any of these photos.  Two of the chicks are what they call Lavender colored - kind of a grey.  I will try to get better photos soon.

So now we have gone from six chickens to 16 chickens.   Tim needs to build another coop!


  1. Tim? Lindsay! LOL! That last shot is spot on. Kyle is really doing a great job taking photos.

  2. Uh oh! LIndsay must have been confident in your sacrificial love! Really though, I'll bet you're all going to love those pretty girls. :)

  3. Wow. You could open an egg stand to sell all your eggs!

  4. Looks like a clucking good time around your place.

  5. I absolutely love this, you know ten chickens qualifies Creekside Cottage as a full fledge farm, so welcome to the family of farming. ~smile~Enjoy, you are in for an adventure, for Mother's Day I asked for and was given 7 guineas.

  6. I was so happy about your new chicks I forgot to wish you Happy Mother's Day, Deanna!


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