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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Kitchen: It's Here!

I may have mentioned that my stove is 19 years old.  It has been a work horse over the years.  I can't tell you how many meals have been made with her, but it is in the tens of thousands, I'm sure.

For the last year, only two burners have worked - the smaller burners, in fact.  Sigh.  The oven door hasn't closed tightly for several years…you get the idea.

We knew that when we replaced this stove, we would switch to a gas range, as we have propane to the house and over time have switched most of our big appliances (water heater, clothes dryer) to gas.

We've been looking online for years.   I love the Aga but there is a brand called Blue Star that I like as well.  However the prices of these ranges are out of our budget, so we talked about just what we would want in a new stove and found a very nice one at a Sears Outlet store last night.

Right now this lovely thing is sitting in front of my china hutch.  Tim needs a small part to convert it from natural gas to propane when he hooks it up.

I am so excited to have 5 burners!  And a bigger space in the oven!  It also has a convection setting for the oven!  

I can't wait to try it out!


  1. Oh yes! That new one will cook you through many years to come:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  2. It is the stove for YOU!! I am imagining you and your stove and your lovely daughters enjoying many happy times together, serving your family and friends. It is a good gift!

  3. She's a beauty! Congrats, I know you will love cooking even more with such "help."

  4. What a beauty! And I can't think of anyone who needs it more and deserves it more. Happy baking...I'm pretty sure that I'll be able to sniff the goods from here.

  5. Wonderful! We'd like to convert to gas when we get our next stove, too. I can just see all the wonderful meals you'll make on this stove. A workhorse, for sure!

  6. Oh, she's a beauty Deanna! I KNOW you are going to love this for years to come! Congrats Momma!

  7. Green with envy over here. ;)

  8. That is beautiful! You deserve to have a great stove with all the cooking you do. When we had to replace our old stove, I found one I loved at Sears' on clearance. It looks like an old 1940s or 1950s era stove.

    I would love to have switched to gas as we do have a gas line available. So someone in the past who lived here had a gas stove. But part of my husband's symptoms include forgetting things like turning off stove burners. So I stayed with electric to be careful!

  9. Oh lovely, lovely! I am so happy for you !!......and do tell your husband that buying his precious wife such a beauty of a stove ranks him tops in my book. :-)


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