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Monday, June 9, 2014

Family Fun: Knoebel's

Yesterday we did two things we rarely do.

1. We missed church

2. We went to an amusement park.

Knoebel's is an Amusement Resort.  You can actually stay in the park.  It is old fashioned in a good way.  Fun rides, lots of trees, tons of benches to sit on!  You also do not pay to enter the park, which is great for folks who are not planning to ride.  You buy tickets for the rides.  There are pavilions for eating your own lunches - I saw people with charcoal grills cooking their food!

We went as part of Tim's company picnic.  This meant that we had our lunch provided for us.  Hot dogs, hamburgers, and grilled chicken, slaw, macaroni salad and ice cream.  All you could eat.  Then the kids got gifts from the company.  There were not many who chose to come to this picnic.  The company has other events at different locations and on different dates.  This event worked for us!

All of our children came, including Kayleigh and Joseph who are in law kids, and our granddaughter, Kamryn who will be 4 this coming Sunday!

We had such a good time!  We had beautiful weather, rode until we were tired and out of tickets, and left the park with happy smiles!

Here are some photos from the day.

These smiling girls and I were waiting for the guys to bring the cars up when we were leaving.  Tired but happy.  

Tim and I are so thankful for the family he has given us.  We recognize that these fun times where we all are together will be fewer and farther between, as the kids grow and start families of their own.  We are delighted in the friendships we have with our kids, and tease them that when we are empty nesters we are going to buy a motor home and come park in each of their driveways for part of the year.  With 6 kids we can spend two months out of the year with each of them!  Hey!  What a plan!  ha ha ha!

We are blessed!

If you get a chance to go to Knoebel's I know you'll love it.   We surely did.


Vee said...

What a fun day! Love all the big, big smiles that are not one bit put on. Also love the wistful goodbye wave from the back of the train. Soooo cute!

My paternal grandmother made her rounds in her later years spending several weeks at a time with each of her five children. She babysat for my cousins in Maryland in the summers because their mother worked so it was a win-win arrangement. She also made homemade donuts. Need I say more?

Keep having fun, Rabes!

Cheryl said...

Good times...happy fun!! Such sweet pictures...and I love the one of you, Deanna!

We have thought that it would be lovely to live for six months in Maine near Ryan and Sarah and the faraway grands (during the warm months, of course) and then in Maryland near Kristin and Brian and the nearby grands. Of course, who knows where Kati and Bekah will be when they marry and have their own families! But it's a great dream!

podso said...

Looks like fun! My cousin and her husband actually do what you suggest--except they only have two to visit.

Sue said...

Blessed indeed , you are so right about enjoying these special times with family, as they will swiftly pass, one reason I like taking photos, memories created for us to look back and relish special times, though they are already etched in our hearts.
I think the idea of visiting for two months at each child's home is a great idea, ~smile~ but I have a feeling if they live nearby they will be at your home enjoying time with you and your dh, as you have created such a beautiful, loving home for them. When I was first married dh and I wanted to be at our parent's homes, I was not as fortunate to have our children live nearby as all of ours moved so far away. But I do treasure the times we are together.
This looks like a great place to visit, I especially would love the water floats!
the photo of you is so lovely!
Sounds like your summer is off to a great start, enjoy! enjoy!

Theresa said...

Oh what a great time! I love those days! I think you have a great plan to spend your empty nester years in their driveway:) LOVE that idea! Have a blessed day dear friend, BIG HUGS!

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