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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Garden: At The End Of June

My cottage garden in the front of the house gets a bit wild every summer.  Right now somethings are in bloom, and some are just beginning to bloom.  Let's see what's happening in the garden.

Ah, my poppies!  They are spreading to different areas of the garden.  A friend gave me seeds and now these self seed every year.  Such a pretty color!  Did I ever tell you about Tim 'weeding' these out of the garden one year?  They had just begun to come up!  Oh my!  Luckily a few survived and now they are back and cheerful!

 This started to come up this year and I didn't recognize it.  (I think I may have 'weeded' this out last year, but this year there was quite a bit of it so I decided to see what it was.  Larkspur!  I don't think I have ever planted it, but maybe my girls has some seeds?  Anyway, this plant is a delight in the garden!  Because it is tall I can see it through the front window!

 The Bees like it as well!
Do you see this vine everywhere?   It looks like Morning Glory leaves, but it never flowers just grows and wraps around EVERYTHING!  We try to keep it at bay, but its a constant battle.

Feverfew coming up amongst the Echinacea.  

 I sowed many, many Hollyhock seeds, but this is the only plant coming up!  I love Hollyhock.  I hope that more come up!

 First Echinacea in bloom!  The finches love this plant!

 I cut my Gold Leaf Spirea back this year and it is doing very well!  Love the pink blooms against the gold leaves.

 My Hydrangea.  I thought it had died this year.  The old growth did, and that is where you get your blooms.  However the plant is alive and healthy and so I look forward to many blooms next year! I am sad though, as I relied on it to supply so many beautiful flowers for my home every year.

Black-Eyed Susan almost ready to bloom.  

We lost a rose bush and four butterfly bushes to the harsh winter.  I'm sad to not have these friends around the garden, but change in a garden can be fun.

This year may bring lots of change to the garden as some of the picket fencing needs to be replaced and spruced up.

We really could use new siding on the house - it's a pale yellow and 20+ years old, with lots of damage spots from becoming brittle over the years.  I'd love to do white siding - I'm already painting my shutters black this year, and I have red doors!  Wouldn't that look cute?  Oh, to be a big name blogger and have a siding company offer to re-side the house in exchange for blogging about it! {grin}

How does your garden grow?


  1. Your garden is such a cheerful, lively place!! (I can see myself "weeding" something lovely, as Tim did.)

  2. Spirea! That's the name I have been trying to think of! Glad that the poppies came back...that's a particularly pleasing color and the larkspur...gorgeous!

  3. Your garden looks so beautiful! I love June gardens so much. Everything is at its peak! I'm so glad you shared with us!

  4. We have let some items near the fenceline grow wild on purpose and a lot around the deck grow wild... but not on purpose.

    A friend was over Friday and she told me one of the items growing wild was a blackberry "bush". Go figure.

    I'm going to see if I can transplant it because I love blackberries but not growing onto my deck!

  5. Your garden is blooming beautifully. Our buddleia is sending out long branches of fragrant blooms. I cut some for the house and can smell them as I write. They grow quickly, so perhaps you'll put more in.

    I'd love a siding company to redo our house, too. I'm sure I'd give them good advertising!

  6. Well, mine isn't growing as colorfully as yours!

    And I wish I could blame a "Tim" for some of my weeding mistakes :)

    (Our black-eyed Susans ARE getting close to blooming...)

  7. I am SO in love with your garden! This is a sign of a beautiful time spent growing such lovely florals....just made my morning!!!

  8. Deanna, I love your garden. So beautiful. God's beauty is abounding. I am getting to know my new yards. Not as much as before and completely different soil. I can only hope to have the beauty you have. Thanks for the sweet comment. I am glad to find a new path.


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