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Wednesday, June 4, 2014


The best thing about this time of year is our local strawberries!  And better than that is our homegrown strawberries!  Believe me when I saw there is no competition between commercially grown and locally grown!  

The flavor is amazing.  

I took these photos last evening of another days picking off our two raised beds that have strawberries!  We've had two days of this amount!

This photo I took on Monday after cutting up all our strawberries and making them into a dessert.  These sliced and sugared berries are on top of a yellow cake.  After the photo I put real whipped cream on top!  Delicious and my Mother's favorite that I make for her birthday every year!

Are you enjoying strawberries where you live?  I'm certain that some of you have been in berries season for several weeks already.  I know that Cheryl has shown us some strawberry deliciousness on her blog recently!

Are you a fan of strawberries?  I grew up not liking them, but after getting taste of local/homegrown berries I am a strawberry lover!


  1. John is a bona fide strawberry lover. He never requests anything but strawberry shortcake for dessert. On that note, the berries are very delayed here and may not be ready before July. Course, we are getting some nice rain...another three days of that's always good for berries, right? Yours look delicious and sweet!

  2. We all love strawberries and have friendly debates over the best uses for them! One likes them on cereal, one in strawberry shortcake, one just straight out of the bowl. Me? Strawberry pie!

    Enjoy your berries!!

  3. You are more than right. There is NOTHING like local, sweet strawberries - the crunchy ones designed for travel just don't measure up. We've had 5 juicy, sweet berries so far and there are more to come. I don't have many plants but I love going strawberry picking in a local field. Just a few more weeks.

  4. Definitely the market has them (not our garden) and they are "in season", abundant, and delicious.

  5. I did not go strawberry picking this year at all, and our season is nearly over around here. I have, however, been buying them and snarfing them in in record amounts. We just had a discussion here this week (both daughters have been home) about the fact that we all love fresh strawberries but none of us ever choose strawberry in any other form, not even preserves unless they are the home made version. Odd, huh?

    1. That's funny Debbie, but that is me too. I usually go for chocolate in other areas such as shakes, or desserts, unless fresh strawberries are in season!


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