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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Family Plans For Summer

June is shaping up to be a busy month for us.

This Sunday we are going to Tim's work picnic at an old fashioned amusement park a few hours away from here.  We are excited for several reasons.

One - we've never been there and we have lived in Pennsylvania for 20 years.

Two - all the kids will be going along, including the newlyweds and Nate, Kay and Kamryn, our almost 4 year old granddaughter!  I am clearing out the space on my memory cards and phone!  Prepared to be bombed with photos next week!

Three - Emma is headed to Bible School this fall and we are recognizing that the days of us all being nearby and able to see each other (if we chose to) daily are coming to an end.  She'll be 10 hours away!  We are taking advantage of time together.

Also this month we'll be taking an unplanned trip to visit Tim's Mom.  His brother (who serves as a missionary in Senegal) will be there and Tim's sister emailed and mentioned that their other sister will be there then too, so if we were able, could we please come too?  Of course!  This will likely be the last family reunion with all four living siblings and their Mama.  She is going to be 93 this October.  We are going to savor our time together, and enjoy a bit of swimming, and a trip to the beach.

Right after we get back, Emma and Rachel will head out to a youth conference at the school Emma will be attending.  She has gone the last two years and found it very encouraging and challenging to her in her walk with the Lord.  This is also where Lindsay injured her knee last year, so we are praying for safety for them! :)

I am looking forward to a more laid back July - lots of grilling, swimming, watermelon and ice cream eating.  We start our school year again in August so we are going to savor every bit of summer we can!

So, what are your summer plans?

Anyone know what these are called?  They are so pretty and the bush is large, the flowers have no scent.

Also this - 
These grow wild on our property and I believe they get a berry on them.  Wanting to have an idea of whether they are edible or not before we would pick them!


  1. Is it spirea? Not sure.

    Wow! Busy summer ahead filled with lots of fun activities. Being with family again will be wonderful.

  2. The leaves in the top shrub remind me of Virginia Creeper, but the flowers look like elderberries.

  3. You have lots of great things coming up! I know you're savoring the together time with family near and far! Oh, the summer will pass so quickly...

  4. It sounds like a busy June with some great family times! Your flowering bush, whatever it is, is lovely! Your peonies are wonderful! Love that shade of pink.

  5. You are well on your way to savoring your summer! I'm guessing it will fly by for you. How wise to clear the space on your memory card/phone...Wish I could help identify those shrubs. The blossoms sure are pretty :) I have some spirea that looks a little like that, but they do have a sweet scent.

  6. Sounds like a very fun summer!

  7. Elderberry came to mind when I saw your photos.
    Your summer plans sound fun - and busy! Lots going on at your place. Enjoy every minute.


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