Thursday, July 1, 2010

Family Culture

I have gotten some good comments both here and on my Facebook page about my post on "Mother Culture."
Many of the comments have mentioned that home is where their loved ones are, and I agree.  They mentioned the things that can be learned outside the home, and this is true too.
I mentioned the home in my post because that is where the seat of my 'governance or government' is based.  This does not mean that I never go outside of the home or that my children never do either.

I run a 55 + family homeschool co-op.  This takes a lot of time and attention, it involves meetings with parents, committees, and the actual co-op class days.  It also means a lot of paperwork, phone calls, computer time.  With my husband's blessing and encouragement, this is a function of my 'home culture' as I am going to call it now, so as to not infringe on Karen's trademark.

The culture we have built into our home allows for outreach to others, both by our going out of the home, as well as bringing many into our home.  Our home culture teaches my children to think of others, to have good manners where ever we go.

It allows for growth in my children that is seen outside the home, as Becky commented when she mentioned Rachel and Sarah's interaction with Kyle at the bowling alley.  Or like yesterday after I posted, Emily and I went to the doctor's office, doll hospital, eye doctor's office, pharmacy, hardware store and bank!  In all these locations I was blessed to see Emily's maturity in interaction with many people and to see her sweetness of spirit.  Later that evening, she and Lindsay went to work orientation for their jobs at a local corn maze - they are in their fourth year working there seasonally.

Of course, our 'homes' are where ever our family is, even if we live in a cave!  But what is the culture of the life we live in the cave?  That was my point.  Maybe it would be better stated as 'family culture!' Indeed, I think that may be a better term for it!  

Family culture is unique to each family - we all have one whether we realize it or not.  Are you a game playing family?  A family that likes to sing?  A Veggie Tale loving family?  Do you read a lot?  Is your family artistic?  Do you like to do ministry together as a family?  These are all unique 'cultures' in families.  

Our goal for our family culture is to be outreaching to others.  To share our lives with them.  This requires much instruction for the children from a young age on not being self oriented but other's oriented.  It means being willing to give up your bed for another.  It means sharing what you have with those who may not have what they need.

I love to see and learn about other families and the cultures in their homes.  Tell me about yours!

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  1. Excellant and I will go down and read the post underneath it.
    It is just my husband and I things are so different and with diminishing health...well things are really different...
    but can I tell you I am amazed these days at the ways people sacrifice their children to the ways of the world....I can tell when a mom has invested herself into her children, IF I had it to do over, I would have homeschooled...I encourage women to do it yet know the decision is theirs....hindsight is 20/20...and I am also finding that the younger women do not want to be mentored nor taught..they want what they want and the teachable spirit is not a rule...that has been my experience...
    not sure if this is where you were going with this if not's okay


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