Friday, July 2, 2010

Red Barn

Tim has the main portion of the barn painted!  Hurray, for using a paint sprayer!

This is the side that faces the house.  Sadie, one of our dogs is supervising the work!

If you look at the section of wood by Sandy's neck you can see the trim around the door opening.  All the trip is going to be painted white.  This will be done by a roller but will be so easy to do.  

The horses want to get into the barn but cannot because Tim has them blocked out.  This is so they don't walk out the other side where the barn doors are off!

They are so funny standing there this morning...

It looks as if Cheyenne got in Tim's way while he was spraying the paint!

These two are very good friends, and I am sure they are whispering plans to get into the barn and out the other side.  After all, the grass is greener on the other side of the barn!


  1. Funny horses. I'll bet they are conspiring!

    The barn looks great!

    Becky K.


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