Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Prayer Request

My  friend Becky from Hospitality Lane is having some health issues and is in the hospital for tests. Would you please uphold her in prayer?  I will try to post an update when I can.

We got back from our wonderful trip to Canada last evening and are hosting our dear friends this week, then Tim's mom and sister and their husbands this coming Sunday into Monday.  So it is going to be a tad busy...I will try to post the photos from our trip soon!


  1. what a busy but fun time.
    will lift Becky before God's throne.

  2. Please do keep us updated on Becky. I'm praying.

  3. yes, indeed I will pray for sweet Becky..let us know ...

  4. Thanks so much for letting us know about Becky. I'll be praying.


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