Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sarah Kathryn

My sweet girl is 8 today!  The youngest of four sisters, the fifth of six children, she has never been one to blend in with the masses.  She has always been outgoing, not ever shy.  She used to wake up from naps and announce with her arms wide open "Ta Da! I awake!"  We believe that she used to think that our lives stopped because she was was as if she were announcing "you may all resume your lives now!" Isn't that funny?  So Sarah.  She has always been a tad "high maintenance", not in a demanding kind of way, but she has some OCD tendencies and some things just drove her crazy.

Like shoe laces - they have to be tied just right - everything must be even and they must NOT touch the ground.  She couldn't stand tights or socks if the seems went along the toe and not across the top of the toes where she couldn't feel them!

She is one of those JOY people...she loves life and loves people.  She is happy most of the time. I will never forget the first time she realized that not everybody liked her and wanted to be her friend.  She was crushed and couldn't believe it - not because she is prideful - but because she likes EVERYBODY and wants to be THEIR friend.  She just couldn't believe that not everyone thought like her.

For her birthday gifts she asked for real birthstone jewelry - check out her ears - art stuff and to get her Evangeline doll fixed.  She had lost a limb and needed repair.  It has taken years but I finally found someone about an hour away who does beautiful repair work.  

Sarah was so happy to receive her gifts!  She has hardly put her doll down, and said last night "I hope I never outgrow my dolls."  That is another special thing about Sarah;  She has always been a big talker, big words - shares her feelings, both good and bad.

Sarah is one who can seem like she never has a deep thought in her mind, but that is so wrong.  She is a deep thinker and comes out with serious thoughts.  She is a ponderer.

The name Sarah means 'God's Princess' and Kathryn means 'pure'.  Her name then means 'God's Princess full of Purity.'

My sweet girl, may you continue to grow in the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and may you continue to shine His light.  We are so thankful for you, and blessed to have you in our family.

We love you dearly, Sarah Kathryn


  1. Happy Birthday Sarah!!! She is such a cute girl! I havent had the chance to really meet her and talk with her, but from stories I hear and pictures I see, she is so cute!!

  2. The people at Hospitality Lane happen to think she is pretty special, as well.

    Happy Birthday Sarah....we are on our way to see you!!!!

    Becky K.

  3. Oh Sweetie...
    Happy Birthday Sarah Kathryn.
    Happy 8th Birthday to you.

    What a beautiful share today about this precious gift of life. She looks so precious with her new ear piercings. Love the July color.

    Sarah beams with light as she stands holding her precious doll, that gorgeous crown for the day, and I love her banner.

    Ta Da, Today is Sarahs birthday. I love it. Thank you so much for sharing with me today. This post is just beautiful.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  4. Happy Birthday! What a darling girl.

  5. Sarah's are happy people. I have a Sarah- she is grown. We so enjoyed her as a child. I've happy memories of her climbing in bed with me after her dad went to work, she'd hold my hand and sing to me. After awhile she'd say, Mommy, my tummy is talking, our signal to get up.

  6. Happy Birthday Sarah!

    I'm so glad I got to meet you in person. You are a very fun person to be around.

    Enjoy being 8!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday to your daughter Sarah. She sounds like a sweetie!

  8. Maurie@GraciousInteriors.blogspotJuly 15, 2010 at 8:43 AM

    It was so nice to meet you at Sight and Sound yesterday. I love your insights about your daughter. The details you wrote about make her come alive, her shoelaces not touching the ground and socks-seam not rubbing the bottom of her toes, and endearingly, the disappointment when she realized not everyone liked her. What a joyfully alive and lovable young girl--"ta da" we are glad she is awake and a wonderful addition to God's family! Tell her I like her!

  9. Maurie,

    It was a delight to meet you yesterday, and your visiting your blog is on my to do list for today!

    Thank you for your precious words about my Sarah - I will pass on your comment to her!

  10. What a great post! We, too, think that Sarah is pretty special. She is a JOY! We were so glad to be able to participate in her birthday, even though we missed the afternoon festivities because of also wanting to see the final World Cup game.

  11. How sweet! I love tributes, & this is a great one!

  12. "Ta Da! I awake!" - how precious! She is a cutie!

  13. A belated Happy Birthday Sarah! You’re a sweetie =)That story about Sarah is funny! I can’t believe 8 already! hugs


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