Tuesday, July 13, 2010

O, Canada!

www.art.com - Niagara Falls 1885, George Inness

This weekend we are making a quick trip to Canada to a family reunion.  Tim's mum is Canadian, and once in a while the family decides to have a get together.  This makes for a long haul for the American branch of the family, some are coming from Florida, but it is usually a wonderful time.

See the Canadians have a wonderful tradition of having a cottage at the lake.  These come in all sizes, styles and amenities.  We are staying in one that belong to cousins of Tim's Mom, I think.  We will get a couple of days with Esther and Richard, Tim's sister and brother in law.  This will be a treat - we haven't seen them since last June when their oldest daughter got married.  Since then we have become grandparents, too.  There is a lot to catch up on.

While we are gone my parents will be staying here at the cottage, caring for the animals and tending the garden.  On Monday they will host our guests who will arrive before we do.  They are our longtime friends - the kind that are like family.  We are looking forward to 3 days or so with them!  We have so much fun when we are together.  Jane likes to visit several Amish stores and Rick and Tim will find some project to do, most likely.  

The following weekend will find us at the baptism of our dear friends, Don and Jen.  We are so thankful for them and so glad that our daughter saw their ad for riding lessons nearly 5 years ago!

We are going to have quite a week - it will be wonderful and full.  And yes, we will be seeing Niagara Falls on our way home.  After all the girls need to get photographs of their shoes at the Falls!  If you don't know what I am referring to check it out here.

Pray for us for save travel, easy border crossings, health and special time together with our family.


  1. Do you all have passports?

  2. Oh, what adventures lie ahead.


    I do hope to meet Jane this time.

    Becky K.

  3. Those of us over age 16 have passport cards. This was the fastest option since we were going unexpectedly. We can't use them to fly anywhere but to drive across the border of a country.

    The younger ones only need to show birth certificates.

  4. I hope you got them before the price went up yesterday!

  5. Have fun!
    Mom's still up packing! They are off in the (early) morning!

    I'm looking forward to seeing the shoes by the Falls. =)

  6. Tracy, thanks! We plan too!

    Paula, oh yes! We got them on Tuesday but had to apply for them weeks ago as it takes 4-6 weeks to get them!

    Melissa, I am so happy that I get to spend the weekend with your Mom! It will be special!

  7. We will indeed keep you in our prayers. Enjoy your time with family. We will be missing you -- two Sundays in a row!

    How wonderful for Don and Jen. When you go to their baptism, give us our blessings as well.


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