Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Recipe Tin

I have kept my recipes in this tin since I was married back in 1988.  Not the ones I used out of a book of course, but the ones you copy from friends, our cut out of magazines.  This tin from Nestle came with 2 bags of chocolate chips.  Remember all the collectible tins that they put out?  I think I may have them all.

It worked well, for many years.  But lately, I am repeatedly frustrated at not being able to put my hands right on a recipe that I KNOW is in there!

I have been intending to make recipe books for my girls.  To copy the recipes by retyping them or photocopying them and putting them into a 3 ring binder in page protectors.

Of course, this would have been the perfect summer project, but the summer has flown by with other things...

Soon though, very soon, this will get done.  If it doesn't I may go crazy, my hair will turn gray, I will start to forget things...oh wait. That is happening already!  Oh, no!  Sigh...

I guess that is the result of getting older, gaining all that amazing wisdom, having a granddaughter, and being a busy Momma at home!  Well, at least it isn't because my recipes are a mess!


  1. I think that sounds like a wonderful school project for someone....

    Becky K.

  2. Worn and torn, there is a charm in tins full of collected recipes! My mom had a recipe drawer. Not quite as charming.


  3. Oh, I feel your pain! I want to move mine from 3x5 cards to 4x6 but I never sit down and get any of them copied. My recipe box is crammed full so I end up shoving the scraps with recipes on them into the cupboard, making them even more difficult to find. Ugh. Personally, I think it's a good project for winter when we're inside all the time anyhow. Sound good? ;-)

    Oh, and I love Mastercook for typing my recipes and keeping them. It has auto-fill for ingredients which saves a lot of typing.

    Clarence and I were married in 1988, too. I don't think I knew we had that in common.

  4. I have a recipe tin too. I would love to do the same with mine except it get pushed to the back burner because of toher things needing my attention. Love the new look of your blog!


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