Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Am Addicted...

to these Nancy Drew computer games!  Her Interactive is the maker of these fun mystery games.  Trail of the Twister is the one that I bought Sarah for her birthday.  Of course, since they are for age 10 and up and Sarah is only 8, Mommy has to help her.  I am very self sacrificing that way.

But just for full disclosure - I have my own game going too! 

They are really fun, you have to do tasks, solve puzzles, collect clues...it is very good for the brain.  Sometimes the puzzles are hard to solve and you can go to the website message boards for each game and get spoilers!  This is very helpful.  This game also is dealing with a team of storm chasers in Oklahoma, so you are learning real information about safety, what to put in a disaster kit, different kinds of clouds, etc...

I played yesterday during my computer time...read email, read blogs, but no post from me.  Why?  I am Nancy Drew and I am trying to figure out who is sabotaging the equipment, like my gps unit that sent me straight into a serious storm...the nerve!

When we get a new one, I like to play it, get it done, so I can get back to my real life which is pretty great. 

So now I have shared my secret addiction with you....what is yours?


  1. It is no secret that I am totally addicted to blogging....and I blame you. lol

    Becky K.

  2. Oh Sweetie...
    Isn't it wonderful to have kids that need assistance? Oh I can see you working with the storm chasers. When we lived in Oklahoma (all my youth growing up) we lived by a newscaster called Gary England. Last I heard he is still there newscasting, and we trusted him explicitly, was he mentioned in the game?

    I love Nancy Drew, even though I have no little ones left at home, I do have grandkids that might enjoy playing also. I love the idea of being involved in the game and searching. I hope you get your GPS working correctly again.

    Thank you for the wonderful share. I will be checking out this game for sure. Let me know when you win okay?

    Have a beautiful day sweet friend. Country hugs and much love, Sherry

  3. I Love the Nancy Drew games!!

  4. Becky, I accept full blame!

    Sherry, I think your grandkids would love them!

    Brenda, That is the only show on network TV that we watch!

    Lindsay, I know you do...we compete for computer time! :)


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