Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hello Readers!

I had the neatest thing happen to me yesterday morning.  Emily worked yesterday at the maze, so I drove Chelsea home after a sleep over and then Emily took over the driving as she needed the drive time.  She loves to drive and I showed her how to get from Chelsea's to work.  

When we got there she got out of course, we hugged, I reminded her about keeping hydrated, as it got to be nearly 100 degrees here yesterday and off she went.  Behind our van was another Mom dropping her son off for work.  

As I got into my seat, and was busy readjusting it for my comfort, I noticed the van had pulled alongside mine and a sweet lady was trying to get my attention!  I fumbled with the window button and she said to me "Do you have a blog?"  I answered with a smile, "Yes."  "Are you Mrs. Rabe?"  Again, "yes!"  "I recognized your daughter!"  And the conversation was on!  

Mrs. L. was concerned that I would think it weird, but I didn't!  I was so touched and it was lovely to meet someone who reads my blog and is encouraged by it!  Thank you for letting me know!  It was such a blessing to me!

It also made me realize that perhaps more people read my blog than I know.  I see the followers number and that blows me away, and yet I read blogs that have over a thousand followers or hundreds even.  My point is not that I am trying to get more followers (you mean people actually care to know what I am writing?).  My thought is that I don't often get very man comments, so I tend to think not very many people actually read my blog.  

So just this once, I am going to ask you to post a comment if you read my blog.  Just say "hi!"  I am kind of nervous to do this because what if it is really only Becky K., Tracy, Karen, jAne, Miss Paula, and my mother who read my blog?  hee hee hee...

Pretty please?


  1. I hope you see this note as I'm posting it on Facebook. I love reading your blog. I read it faithfully. I love you dear friend. If we never see each other on earth again - I am confident that we will see each other in heaven <3

  2. That is so neat, Deanna! And yes, you know I read. Every day!

    I'm so excited that you are going to get your chickens. You'll love them and their antics.

  3. Taking a break from setting up the yard sale to say ....Hello!....And Boy oh Boy is it hot out there!!!!!

    I hope you get tons of comments!!!

  4. I'm happy to sign in for a head-count, Missy! Love your blog, love you. I also know what you mean about not knowing if people (other than the very few sweeties) even read your/my blog(s)...


  5. Deanna,
    I read least a couple times a week, but often daily. You are a blessing!

    Laura K.

  6. I read it!!! I have had people at church I don't know say they are following me....Really?? Funny!

  7. Hi Deanna! :-)
    It's your old Bible School buddy. I'm enjoying keeping updated on your life through this blog of yours.
    Keep looking up!
    Love, dana c

  8. "hi"


    I'm often bad about leaving comments but I love reading your blog!

    And I must admit that I'm curious about who reads my blog, too.)

  9. You know, of course, that I, too, read your blog, friend.
    That's neat that you met someone who spoke to you about reading your blog. I, too, sometimes, wonder if more than just my closest friends and a few family members read my blog. It's nice to have them let us know that they are there.

  10. I enjoy visiting your home and sharing in your days. I think I started reading your blog when you were posting about Longwood. I think that's the name. I love gardening. And I have kept visiting!
    You and your blog always make me feel "normal" in this weird world we live in. I'm old-fashioned in my ways...I like people who are polite and kind. I think that describes you to a tee!

  11. This is my first visit here and I am saying "hi", and following you. Please stop on by my blog and say hi back. How neat that the gal recognized you from your blog.

  12. I am here too. I found your comment on my friends site at Coffeebooksandme. You are our kind of person, wish you were here with Brenda and I- you could be our coffee buddy.
    The Journey is blog I did when my sister was dying of breast and bone cancer.

  13. How else would I know what you all are doing? Can't wait to see you and watch those black and white objects under the trees (thanks Grandma...) love, FL Jane

  14. This is so much fun, ladies!

    Your kind words are a balm to me.

    Blessings on your weekend!

  15. What a neat meeting! I read your blog of course.

  16. I just found your blog from a comment you left in the Sanders' blog. It's my first time, but I like what I see, so I'll be back. I hope your little one feels better soon.

  17. Hi!! ;-)

    Love Emma*

    (you know, your daughter!)

  18. That's so neat that you got to meet a blog reader!
    You know i read your blog but i still wanted to say HI. =)

  19. Yes I read your blog too. Sarah

  20. so glad there are blogs such as yours to be a testimony to our great God & Savior! So that other may see & praise Him!!

  21. Dear Mrs. Rabe,

    I just wanted to let you know that you have a lovely blog! I often read quickly and then run out of time to comment! :) I also know what you mean...sometimes I'll post something and either no one comments or just one or two people, and I start to wonder if there's really anyone out there!


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