Friday, July 23, 2010

Garden Update

Our lettuce is doing very well!  Although we find we must use it quickly once we pick it or it gets limp.   We have two more varieties that are cool weather friendly so we will be trying these in a few months, when the weather gets crisp.

These baby carrots are called "Little Fingers" and are a French variety.  They are doing well and are tasty.  We are planning to reseed this patch to get more carrots.

This is what happens to squash when you go away for 4 days and the garden doesn't get checked!  Enormous!  They are better when smaller but we sliced several up sauteed them in some butter and olive oil along with onion and it was so, so good!

I will try to get some photos of our tomato plants.  They are huge and doing very well.  They are just starting to ripen.  The one above is the first of the non cherry variety to ripen - it is a Brandywine and it was fantastic on our sandwiches the other day! 

We have also noticed that our melon is coming up - after we had given up on it!  Also one of our pepper plants is making it's presence known!  Oh and our purple podded pole beans are coming in too!

We are learning so much about gardening and plants.  It is fun - we all enjoy eating the fruit of our labor!

Next year we will be adding more raised beds.  They have done so well, and using the lasagna method of layering materials for the soil is easy and has made the beds practically weed free!  Just a few here and there that are so easy to keep up with!

We will start to save seeds now as well, as nearly all of these plants are of the heirloom variety!

This fall we will start to plan what we will plant next you have any advice for me?

What have you grown that your family just loved to eat?


  1. I think fresh tomatoes and cucumbers are the gardens greatest gifts. There is nothing like a fresh sun warmed tomato.

    Becky K.

  2. Hi! We LOVE your pretty blog. Can't remember how we found it. I think we were visiting another blog...and then found your blog. Well, we are enjoying your posts, photos, and music. Hope you don't mind us dropping in for a peek every now and then. God Bless!

  3. We are enjoying gardening too. We have tons of potatos coming in right now Tomatos look like they'll be ready soon.

  4. Mmm looks delicious! Now I’m hungry ;-) Andrew & I really enjoy the produce from the organic co-op we belong to.
    We have talked about having a garden someday! If we lived closer; we could learn from you as we helped you in the garden =) Well, if we ever get that garden I’ll know who to talk to for pointers
    Take care

  5. The carrots are really cute! Sautéed squash, carrots, potatoes and other veggies in butter are so delicious. We already tried it when we harvested some carrots and potatoes.


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