Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Weekend

It was a 12 hour drive up to the cottage by the lake in Canada.  It was so worth it!

The two days we had there were stunningly beautiful and full of fun.

The kids put on their life jackets and hit the lake as soon as they could!

The tube or as the girls called it "the Lazy Boy" was ridden on many, many times, by cousins, dads and kids, moms, great aunts....

You would have thought that the kids grew up on the lake...

It all came so naturally to them...

Look at how beautiful the sky and the water were...

These boy cousins bonded over looking at a 'Daddy Long Legged' spider and off they went, great pals for the weekend.

Tim's mom, known as Grammy around our house, is going to be 89 in a few months.  She enjoyed the lake, exercising her arthritic leg...

Lindsay explored the shore and the lake when not tubing or riding in the boat.  She tried wake boarding but it is harder than it seems...

Aunt Lil, great auntie to our kids, wanted a ride - she made her oldest son come along and wanted some kids along for fun.  Guess who volunteered?

The last time we were at the cottage for a reunion was 12 years ago - Tim doesn't remember if he skied the last time or not, but he did have any trouble skiing!

On the way home we stopped by Niagara Falls.  Stunningly beautiful.

Hot and humid as well...

Sunset over the Susquehanna River on the way home...

We are so thankful for our time this weekend and with our friends who arrived on Monday Rick and Jane.  We have known them for 21 years.  We had a blast together as usual - swimming, shopping, taking Jane to see the Amish, going to see Joseph at Sight and Sound, dinner out, pan pudding and shoo fly pie for Jane for breakfast, memories to last a lifetime.

How thankful we are for these precious friends that the Lord has given us!


  1. Hi Mrs. Rabe! I can't believe I haven't visited here in too long.

    the lake looks so pretty, I love the trees all along the bank. Time with family and relatives is so precious to me. I know the warmth one gets from being around family!

  2. Hi Pam!

    Nice to see you again! It is hard to keep up with all the blogs I like too! I confess I haven't been to many that I used to visit regularly. Life has been busy lately! But good, and I hope it has been so for you!

  3. Ok, I guess it was worth you being away for all of that beauty and family time...but we surely did miss you.

    What a lovely setting.

    I enjoyed meeting Rick and Jane. Thanks for making the extra effort to bring them over.


    Becky K.

  4. Those are all great pictures but I can not get over how cute that one of Kyle in the water is. Oh my goodness!


  5. what a neat trip. I could eat that tomato in the window right now!!

  6. glad you had a wonderful good

  7. Great to see the kids having fun! You have some good photographers in the family. Pretty pictures

  8. Great photos! Thanks for sharing! It's so nice to be able to get together with distant relatives.


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