Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Husband Is Amazing

I really am married to the best guy in the world...

He amazes me with his talent.  He built this barn.  Figured out all the dimensions and what materials would be needed, how to engineer the trusses - you know that kind of thing.  He had some assistance from my Dad and from the girls, naturally but this barn is here because of Tim.

I get to do the fun things like pick out paint colors, you know those really difficult things...

Last night a friend who builds rockets came by, as I was going to sew some new parachutes for his rockets.  He started to talk about how he wanted them to look and I was at a loss.  I can sew, friend, but I am no engineer, nor am I oriented that way!  Tim stepped in and together they came up with a great design and I sewed them up quickly!  I have two more to finish today.  They look great and it will be fun to watch these bright colored parachutes bring the rockets back to earth on Sunday.  I am so thankful for Tim's abilities!

I am so thankful to have a husband who can do these kinds things, but most importantly he  loves his family well, and is a good leader in his home!  Thanks honey!  I am so blessed.


  1. You are blessed indeed.
    I happen to think my guy is pretty special too.

    So...we are very blessed.

    I do love the barn and I am sure that D loves his parachutes. I ran into him when he was searching for just the right material for them. Not exactly where I usually find this the fabric dept.


  2. You are truly blessed. My husband would love to be able to do more of these kinds of things. He told me so himself just the other night when we were discussing things that need done to our house. He said he thinks he could do some of these things if he had someone who knew more to help him. Maybe your hubby could give my hubby a hand; if he ever gets finished with the projects around your house.

    The barn looks great. I love the color!

  3. i love reading what devoted wives say about their dear husbands. thank you for this.

  4. Indeed, you are blessed!
    Awesome barn!!

  5. My Uncle IS amazing!

    The barn looks great!

  6. Wow Impressive! Great lookin’ barn! Good job Uncle Tim!


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