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Monday, July 9, 2007

Trouble with my photo program, but having fun!

I have been wanting to post pictures of all the fun we have been having around here, but I am having trouble with my program. I will try to get that straightened out soon!

Meanwhile, we have had so much fun, with the 4th of July, also my nephews bday. He is now 21 years old. We tried to give him a pony ride for his birthday, but he turned us down! Can you believe it? We had good fireworks, but our neighbors' were amazing and spectacular and we got to enjoy those!

The Land of Little Horses was fun, the girls got to milk goats, and feed baby goats a bottle. Rachel wanted to bring one of the little horses home! It was a nice afternoon, and we got there in time to get in half price. That was good, full price wouldn't have been worth the admission price, but half price was.

We girls also went into a clothing shop in Gettysburg, "Abraham's Lady". This is a fabulous shop for civil war era clothing. The girls loved everything, I would have loved to let them try dresses on, but I wasn't sure if that was appropriate, so they didn't. They did try on cloaks and bonnets, though.

Saturday, Miss Paula, from Gathering of Friends, my mom, her mom, Emily and I went shopping, in the little town of Intercourse. We went to the Candle Barn, and to Immergut Pretzel, Zooks Dry Goods (wonderful fabric shop) and Nancy's Notions. These last 2 shops are Amish owned. Then we went to Blue Ball to the Flower and Craft Warehouse. You can find them at

Yesterday afternoon we spent in the pool, which was nice considering it was in the 90's here.

Today I have sewing to do, as my dear Sarah has a bday on Wednesday and wants a "colonial girl" dress.

I hope to be able to show you pictures soon!

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  1. The Land of Little Horses sounds fun. It must have been so cool to milk a goat! Hope you get your picture program running. Computer problems are such a pain (my computer just died, so I know)!



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