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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blog World, A Surprise and A Blessing

If you are anything like me, when I find a new blog I like, I check out links to blogs that they like. I have found some of the best blogs that way. Now they may not be blogs like those out there that generate thousands of views and hundreds of comments a day, but they are usually blogs that encourage me in my walk with the Lord, or have beautiful artwork. Sometimes they are blogs where people are just sharing their lives, and I find that we share a similar worldview,etc...

I sometimes read about people who meet their blogging friends, but I never anticipated meeting any blogging friend that I don't know in real life, except Becky and I dearly hope to take Lady Jane to tea someday!

Friday evening, we were at Becky's church (we have been visiting) to talk to Pastor Mike. We had some questions, and Friday the church gets together for Bible Study or a project. This week it was a project (see that at Becky's blog here). When we got there Becky mentioned that a young couple that go to a family integrated church in Georgia, were coming to fellowship with the church for the weekend. Their dad had looked on the integrated church website, found Sonrise's contact info and called. This young couple have an independent trucking company, with their family. They had delivered a load to Lancaster, and since they wouldn't have a load until Monday, they were looking for a place to park the truck and meet some people, go to church etc...

Soon, a call from them stated they couldn't get the truck through the tunnel in Quarryville, and could someone give directions to go a different way? Tim talked to them and told them it would be easier if he came to meet them and let them follow him. Pastor Mike went along. Tim asked "by the way, what are their names?" Becky says "Alan Smith and his wife is named Kate." I gasped! "I read their family blog!"

You see months ago, someone commented on my blog, I paid a return visit. I checked out some of her links, and found Katie's family blog and Alan's family blog. I had so much fun reading them and realizing the amazing ties between their families. I enjoyed reading about Alan's parents adoption of a sibling group, what all 12 Morton siblings were doing etc..

Now back to Friday, I felt like people I knew were coming. I knew I didn't really now them, but you know how it is...then there they were. Sweet Miss Katie in her darling Georgia accents saying "I'm Katie Smith, I am so pleased to meet you." I explained about having read the family blogs and we all had a laugh. Amazing.

Later in the evening we invited them to come park their truck at our place for the weekend and stay with us. It was so fun and such a blessing. They are a very dear couple, and those two little blondie boys...well, lets just say Rachel's maternal instinct kicked in big time. We all realized how much we missed having a baby around!

They left us yesterday to go pick up another load be on the road again, we will miss them. They have a standing invitation to stay with us anytime, and we have an invitation to visit Georgia anytime!

What a blessing to offer hospitality, a joy to serve the Lord and to have great fellowship together. Tim and Alan had several late into the night talks...

Here are a few photos....

Rachel and "her" baby Ron

Sarah having a lovely chat with Miss Kate

Alan, Katie, Bret and Ron.

1 Peter 4:9 "Be hospitable to one another"


  1. It was absolutely amazing to meet such sweet people with common beliefs and such a great way of blending in. There was a very willing attitude to pitch in and serve.

    Alan, if you read this...thanks for helping out on Friday night.

    Also, we enjoyed your fiddle playing...very much!

    Katie, you are amazing with your boys. Keep up the great job. It was such a pleasure meeting you.

    Deanna, You and Tim blessed us so much by offering hospitality that we so wanted to be able to offer.
    We may have gotten away with having the truck here overnight...but not for the weekend...Thank You both!!

    Becky K.

  2. Oh dear Rabes!
    I was thinking of you all and wanted to see how you all were! I hope Rachel feels better soon!
    How we loved our visit with you all and hope to see you all again! Thank you for your kindness and hospitality.
    Mrs. Becky, we loved being with you all!
    We are back home in Atlanta and all is well. Y'all come to GA !
    Katie Smith

  3. I am so jealous!!! I am glad you all had a great visit though! Hugs...


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