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Monday, August 4, 2008

A Birthday, and A Beautiful Garden

For some reason, I cannot get my photos to load on blogger today.

I wanted to share my dear boy's birthday train ride, and a lovely trip to a gorgeous garden.

But I guess it will have to wait. I hope not too long.


Becky K. said...

What a lovely day we had!

Thanks for inviting me to go with you and Miss Paula.

Becky K.

Karen said...

Sorry you can't get your photos to load-but I'm kinda relieved at the same time.

My photos seemed to post just fine, then when I opened a new window I couldn't get them to show up for anything.

Looking forward to seeing your pics when blogger decides to cooperate.

Alicia @ said...

I have been looking for pics of the bday boy!! I cant believe he is three already, I remember when you were just pregnant with him!! I am sure you already know, but I love the three year old age!!

Sometimes I have that upload problem too.

Heard you had a great day at the garden!

Melissa G said...

We'll look forward to the pictures!


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