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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Real Women's Liberation Movement

Please check out this wonderful post by Stacey McDonald regarding what Christianity has done for women's rights. Here is a bit of her post:

Our God is a creative God. He has made us each so unique and, in His wisdom, given us such wonderful roles. His created order is a stunning choreographed work of artistic beauty. As husband and wife, we complete one another in amazing ways. Why do we continue to insist on questioning His work—and cheapening His masterpiece?

As a result of the teachings of Jesus Christ, women enjoy far better treatment than they have ever before known. But even today, in countries where Christianity has very little influence, women are treated as animals and slaves—sometimes even worse.

Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist countries are known for their shameful and degrading treatment of women. Not only is polygamy, “temporary marriage,” clitoral mutilation, foot binding, and female slavery still practiced in many of these countries, there is an attempt to revive the barbaric practice of “suttee” (the burning of widows) in India. To this day, there are reports of unpunished public beatings, abuse, rapes, and even murder against women.


Anonymous said...

I do know that when Middle Eastern men come to the US they treat the US women the same. My neighbor works at D-Land and has expressed how she has been ordered around and talked down to by a park guest.

When I was in Adamstown, I went to a Baskin Robbins. It was run by a Middle Eastern couple. He was very rude to me and ordered me from one spot to another with his voice.

So when they come here to the US they bring their customs with them and this can be dangerous. We as Christians need to work that much harder in showing how a man and woman relationship works, to be the example to others and not be taken over by what other religious and cultural countries bring into our US, we cannot become a country of slavery and have disrespect for our women. (even though is seems that way a lot of the time)
Our blessing is God's mercy and his blessing in having a marriage with Christ as the center.

Anonymous said...

Oh, also...Robert came home yesterday and asked, "Do you know who built the facilities for the Olympic games?"

The answer is interesting... Peasants working long hours for $5 a day. I found the following on Yahoo news...

oppressive conditions imposed on workers brought in from poor areas of China to build the stadiums; families uprooted from Beijing to make room for the Olympic facilities; 'undesirables' forcibly removed from the city; and pressure on the Chinese media to remain mute about protests and abuse, as well as detentions and beatings of both protestors and journalists.

If I had known this I wouldn't have watched. Why do we let communist countries host the Olympics?? I know this isn't about women, but it is about oppressed people... Makes me sick!

Kelly said...

Praise God, that as Christians, no one wants to treat women in this barbaric way.

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