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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Tasha Tudor

Today is Tasha Tudor's birthday, she would be 93 years old.

Photo copywrite Richard Martin

When I was a girl, this was one of my favorite books, Take Joy! by Tasha Tudor.

It is full of beautiful stories, Christmas carols and Tasha's artwork.

I love the beauty and yet simplicity of the people she chose to draw and paint.

Even the black and white drawings, are full of detail. She was known for her borders around the edges of her pages.

I think that Tasha appealed to so many because we liked the glimpse of the quiet, simple life she lived. Afternoon tea, home cooked meals, sewing your own clothes....We can learn a lot from how she lived her slow down, to enjoy simple things.

Tasha was a homemaker, she excelled in cooking, canning, even cheese making for her goat's milk. She sewed and made her own clothing, she kept chickens, gardened.

We are often so busy in our lives, rushing from one thing to another. Today, I will slow down, enjoy my dear family, cook something wonderful, work in my garden or sew.

And Take Joy! in it.


  1. Wow! From Cletus to Tasha...whiplash.

    Just kidding.

    The kids loved that spoof.

    I love Tasha!

    Becky K.

  2. Beautiful Tasha Tudor tribute. I have the Take Joy Christmas book as well & it is a favourite!

  3. A very lovely post...

    I find the simple things to be very healing...


  4. Thank you for your lovely Tasha Tudor entry.

    Gentle hugs,
    Miss Mari-Nanci
    Smilnsigh blog

  5. these have been fun to read...I don't own any of her books but will be on the look-out for that I know more about her...

  6. You have a lovely memory of Tasha Tudor.
    Do stop by Oak rise Cottage for my post about a leatherbound miniature book illustrated by Tasha Tudor.

  7. I had never heard of Tasha Tudor before. Thanks for sharing.


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