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Saturday, August 2, 2008

First Friday

The city nearby to where we live, has an event every month called "First Friday." As you can probably guess it is where shops etc, stay open later on the first Friday of the month. Since our family is here, and they have never gone downtown, we decided to check it out.

Paula and Evan outside the plant store which is next to Fab Fashion. This is a store that is owned by a man we attend church with. We bought a cute watch for Lindsay last night ( I will get a photo of her wearing it.) There was also a really cute red handbag......Oh, look at Tim peeking over their shoulders!

We were going to eat at a really neat looking Victorian Pub, but someone opened the door and you could smell the cigarette smoke all the way outside! No thanks. We will wait until the smoking ban goes into effect. It seems like a nice place to eat. We ended up at Isaac's, after a trip through a darling baby store "Bella Boo." Oh, my...Paula and Rob are going to be grandparents you know...everything was properly oohed and aahhhed over.

Evan and Tim waiting for food - Kyle brought along his "Lightning McQueen" thermos!

We headed home, stopped by the store for ice cream. I waited in the van, but I saw video of "Mr. Tim's Wild Ride" with the kids through the store, on the grocery cart with the car on the front! Apparently an older lady employee didn't approve!

Here is Kyle, wearing the dalmation jammies that every child in our family has worn, thumping on Evan - I believe Emily had something to do with that. Then he had to suffer much attention from these adoring cousins.

Rich memories.


  1. Evan is loving every minute of it!!!We had fun last night until Tim drove wildly down from the top floor of the parking lot, round and round and round. We were all laughing and screaming!!

  2. Hee hee hee - I must have blocked the terror out!

    The kids never need to ride roller coasters with Tim for a dad! Unless he needs them to ride on them with him!

  3. Auntie Dee, I am so glad you posted!!! I love seeing all these pics! I bet that baby store was mom and I did a little shopping today and bought a really cute baby thing for the nursery!!! Looks like you are all having fun!!

  4. Sounds like you are making the most of every minute! Enjoy!

    See you soon.

    Becky K.

  5. Such fun! :o)

    MrsRabe ~ I'm having a bit of give-a-way. Come see. :o)

  6. You drove through Oxford?! Was it wonderful, green and very Lady Jane'ish? Could you sense my presence there if by desire alone?

    I thought so.

  7. Oh indeed we did drive through there! It is very lovely in PA this time of year. Everything is green, and growing beautifully. Longwood Gardens was delightful this morning. We took my sister in law along today. We even climbed in a tree house!

    You are very well suited to life here dear friend!


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