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Friday, December 19, 2008

20 Little Things

Melissa, at The Inspired Room, did a post of 20 Little Things to Treasure at Christmas. She "inspired" me to do my own list, so here goes!

1. I am so thankful for my precious Jesus, who came, and yet did not stay a baby!

2. I treasure my family all year long!

3. I am thankful for celebrating Advent and focusing on His Coming.

4. I am thankful for my nephew Evan who is visiting us for Christmas this year! We are having so much fun!

5. I love to buy gifts for my family that I know they will love.

6. I am so pleased with my 9 year old's Christmas list - She wanted someone to put music on her iPod Shuffle (a gift from Evan to her last year), 4-5 cake mixes as she loves to bake.

7. I love the joy with which my children buy gifts for one another! Most of the time they come from the Dollar Tree, but they are given from the heart!

8. I am treasuring simplicity of decor and time spent this year. I feel very relaxed, even though I have to do a bit more shopping and I normally and done by now!

9. I am thankful for our church family. They are dear to us.

10. I am thankful for today, never knowing what tomorrow brings.

11. I am treasuring hand made gifts. This has been a delight to me, this year!

12. I am thankful for our break from schooling which starts tomorrow!

13. I treasure my husbands heart toward our family.

14. I love celebrating his birthday which is Christmas Eve!

15. I love gathering all together on Christmas Eve to watch "The Nativity Story" and to open stockings!

16. I am treasuring my 3 year old son's enjoyment of Christmas, now that he "gets it!"

17. I am so thankful that my parents live nearby and are so involved in our lives! I love the relationships that they have with my children.

18. I am looking forward to my husband having a few days off at Christmas time.

19. I am looking forward to January 1st which is my daughter's 17th birthday.

20. I am looking forward to January 2nd which is my 21st wedding anniversary!


  1. Great list!

    I particularly like your 9yo's list. My girls are equally easy to please and it makes it a joy to give them gifts.

    You have a lot of special celebrations in a short time period, don't you? How fun!

  2. This is a great list Auntie Dee! We have so much to be thankful for....we are blessed arent we?!


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