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Friday, December 12, 2008

An Unusual Friday...

Most Fridays find me out grocery shopping for my family, and running other errands that need to be done. I usually am 20-30 minutes from home. I do a big shopping trip every other week. This was my smaller week, and as we had heard we were to have snow this morning (which didn't happen) I went out in the rain last night to bring home, fruit, juice, the makings for Oreo know, the essentials!

Anyway, I was anticipating a quiet day home, to knit and to tidy the house, help my 6 year old with her math and reading.

Well, my husband has been having a dental issue and they gave him antibiotics last night, but today his face is swollen and he decided to take a "quality day." That is nice, he is not usually around, so it is a real treat.

Rachel and Emily were overnight at my mom's as they are going to a special Christmas program with my parents this evening. Mom called this morning to say that Rachel wasn't feeling well. It sounded like she might have a bladder infection again, so we are heading out in minutes to see the doctor.

These are the kinds of days that Mom's deal with a lot...changes in the expected. Evening plans for a Christmas program and a party at church may be wiped out. However, if that happens, we will keep our focus on the Reason for the Season, and find joy in snuggling in close together tonight.


  1. Poor Rachel!! I had them all the time when I was her age!! Still do if I don't watch it....ugh!

    There is a new knitting shop near me and after breakfast this morning I went into it while Rob and Evan were in the hardward store! I think you would like this one!!

  2. Aww, i hope Uncle Tim and Rachel feel better soon!

  3. Oh Dear...

    Well, I hope all is well...we will see if we see you!

    Hmmm..."You just don't never know!"

    Your Grandma sure got that right.


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