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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Traditions

We always make goodies for Christmas! We often use them to give to friends, as a hostess gift or for neighbors to spread holiday cheer and goodwill!

One of our favorites to make is peanut brittle. It is so simple, we make it in the microwave, and it is so good! I made a batch this morning, then Emily also made a batch and put chocolate on it. That made it extra good! So now we are thinking of getting white chocolate too, to melt and squeeze on in a very elegant way! Of course, we Never eat any of this, no not us!

Rachel, who has discovered baking this year, was my side kick for sugar cookies. She is so sweet for Christmas she has asked for 4-5 cake mixes, because she likes to bake! I bought a set of Nativity Cookie Cutters this year! We are making sets of cookies for the neighbors. Some know Jesus, some do not. We figure a sugar cookie baby Jesus, a manger, Mary, Joseph and angel, along with a print out of the Christmas story, may be accepted at this time of year!
We use canned milk brushed on the cookies, to hold the pretty sugars.

Oh, yeah, there is a heart, a star, a donkey, a lamb and a shepherd as well. And a king....whew that is a lot of cookies. Good thing we can give these to the neighbors as well, because we NEVER eat any of these either!

This poor girl needs an apron that fits her! Good thing that is in the works!


Becky K. said...

I've been thinking that I want to bake the last couple of days. It will happen soon.

Ronda said...

Wwhat a wonderful thing, family traditions, Christmas cooking with little one's, giving home baked goodies to friends, neighbors, and other loved one's.'s almost like your talkin about me & my family. Isn't it wonderful how doing such simple things seem to be the best especially at this time of year,
Love & Prayers,

Nicole said...

sounds like so much fun! We are bakers too, with my boys both wanting to be chefs :) Have a great weekend!

Alicia @ said...

How fun!! I LOVE to bake at Christmas time..oh and yes I never eat them either. haha There so so many yummy goodies out there....dangerous!! LOL

Anonymous said...

That's so cute that Rachel asked for cake mixes! We used to make a little goody bag of baked things for all our neighbors but I've cut back on a lot of Christmas activities and that was one to bite the dust.


The Vintage Rose said...

This is a beautiful Christmas tradition - baking together! My grown up children still like to come home and bake with me a few days before Christmas. We bake our own "Aussie" version of German/Austrian Lebkuchen spiced bisuits with a jam blob and chocolate spread on the back. We also like to make Chocolate Cherry Port Balls - our own version of Choc Truffles or Rum Balls. Perhaps I should put the recipes on my blog.


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