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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Lights

Saturday night we decided to take our annual trip to Nottingham to see the great Christmas lights at the Herr's Snack Factory. They are always really good, and it is free to the public!

We had dinner here with my Mom and Dad, and right before we left, Kyle fell asleep on Nate's lap.

Here are the girls squished into the back seat - maybe that is why Emily looks so, um, scary....hee hee

Here is our house as we left...I had the flash on and it picked up the lightly falling snow really well.

My kids love these "potato head" bushes.

This section had gingerbread men playing and giant snowflakes hanging in the trees...

The front of the office building had lights too! It was hard to get a really clear shot for some reason, but look at the amazing colors!

The tree that looks orange was really pretty!

That blue is just really amazing.

Look at this blue tree! It stood alone by the road and the color was so vivid, that you could hardly take the color in...does that make sense?

They hung red lights in this evergreen and it looked really cool, it looks like it was on fire in this picture!

Another gorgeous blue tree...

Cute caterpillar and more "potato heads."

I included this photo because I like the way it looks. I stuck the camera out the window, took a photo just when a car was going by. The movement of the car and of my unsteady hand, gave this awesome affect!

This is one of our traditions that we do yearly. What are some of yours?


Anonymous said...

It is nice to see Nate in color!! He looks real handsome!!!

The tree with red looks like the tree's during the fire here! Wow!

Guess who is making Oreo Truffles tonight? I e-mailed Robert the recipe!!! He has been making Peanut butter balls. Oh they are so good too. He made them for Evan's Small Group tonight and Kaitlin and I made cookies for him!

Evan picked this night to bring snack. He wanted to pick next week! HA HA

This will be the third year for our family and Alicia's family to have Italian dinner at Alicia's folks so that is something new and awfully good!! We go to Christmas Eve Service. Oh, and on New Years Day right after USC beats Penn St. we go to In-n-Out Burger. We have been going here every year since before we were married!!

Becky K. said...

Ahem, Paula...I think that you meant to say right after PSU beats USC...tee hee!

Becky K. said...

Hey Mrs. Rabe...
I hope you'll stop by Hospitality Lane today and get creative for the contest/giveaway I posted this morning.

~~Deby said...

Beautiful...I am always amazed at what people do with lights...
I hate when it is over..think we should keep them up at least through Valentines day..

Melissa G said...

Wow, those lights are amazing!

Anonymous said...

No she meant USC beating Penn State. And they could probably leave for in-n-out after the first quarter.

Kelly said...

Wow, the colors are gorgeous! We may have to take a trip to see these lights!

We usually take a drive around local neighborhoods to see how people have decorated their homes for Christmas, and we sing Christmas carols while doing this.


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