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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mystery Dinner

Last night at church we had a mystery dinner for our Friday night fellowship.

The tables were set in an easy and fun way....

Here is the menu (you can click on it and it will enlarge)

The lovely waitresses....

After placing our orders we were entertained by Anthony the Amazing!

We all enjoyed eating the peanuts at the tables!

Rachel in action - they had so much fun!

Some of the delicious food - potato cheese soup, apple pie and banana pudding (this was amazingly good with semi sweet chocolate shavings on top! Yum!

These are the lovely ladies who planned and ran the event (I contributed the potato cheese soup!)

We always have a great time fellowshipping after an event.  While we were around the table talking, Lindsay started stacking water bottles.  

Soon, people were giving her suggestions of things to add....

The stack got larger and larger...

And larger....

Until it was this big!

The stack is as follows: pepper shaker, salt shaker (inverted), full water bottle (inverted), partially full water bottle, mostly empty water bottle (inverted), empty root beer can,  empty coke can, empty root beer can!

For more on our mystery dinner you can visit Hospitality Lane!


  1. It was so much fun!

    I was telling Mom and she said a garage would have been cold so that was just atmosphere...
    easy for her to say!

    I loved Lindsay's creativity and determination in building that tower.

    All of the kids were great last night.

  2. Wow those waitresses all look so happy and enthusiastic.

  3. Oh what fun it looks like you all had. It's wonderful to see families having fun and fellowship in church and together. Our Lord would be pleased.
    Love & Prayers,


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